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Brazilian waxing tips

QUESTION – Summer is coming and my boyfriend invited me to spend 2 weeks at the seaside. I bought very beautiful and sexy swimming costume but my bikini line is awful. I decided to do Brazilian waxing. Any Brazilian waxing tips?

Brazilian waxing tips – ANSWER from experts

Women health and women hygiene are very important for young women. During last decades Brazilian waxing became a part of regular women hygiene. Most modern young women use Brazilian waxing as they line be beautiful and sexy in swimming costumes and panties.

Brazilian waxing needs attention and patience. Before you start your Brazilian waxing, you need to know some useful recommendations from experienced women:

Brazilian waxing

Brazilian waxing

red check mark very small  First, choose the best Brazilian waxing product – modern with positive feedback and positive comments.

red check mark very small  Brazilian waxing should always be done with clean instruments and materials – it is better to use sanitary disposable items and materials. REMEMBER – Brazilian waxing spatula never should be dipped in the wax twice

red check mark very small  Brazilian wax is not recommended to do during menstrual period. Best time for Brazilian waxing are days 10-20 of your menstrual cycle (starting 4-5 days after your menstrual period). These days of your menstrual cycle are less sensitive and less tense. It is not recommended to do your Brazilian waxing during premenstrual period as many women suffer from Premenstrual Syndrome (very sensitive and irritating period of time).

red check mark very small  Choose your Brazilian waxing style which can be one of classical once or personally designed. Decided Brazilian waxing style should be comfortable for your swimming costumes and for your favorite sexy underclothes.

red check mark very small  Be ready for pain as Brazilian wax could be unpleasant and painful. If you visit the salon for Brazilian waxing, you can request pain killer (Lidocain spray or Lidocaine cream or any available anesthetics).

red check mark very small  You can reduce the waxing pain by dip breathing and non-stop talking. It is not recommended to hold your breath. Some women prefer meditation.

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red check mark very small  It is useful to use some anti-inflammatory tablets 30-40 minutes before and 1-2 hours after Brazilian waxing. It can prevent any possible irritation and/or inflammation in sensitive area.

red check mark very small  One day before scheduled Brazilian waxing don’t wear tight and/or restrictive cloths and/or underclothes as well as synthetic tissues. Tight jeans and panties are not recommended. You should choose loose cloths which never leave lines on your skin (cotton panties, T-shirts, skirts, blouses, dresses).

red check mark very small  After Brazilian waxing you can use female sensitive powder or soft baby powder.

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