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Who can get blisters on vagina

I am reading a lot about Women Health. In women magazine I read article about dangerous blister on vagina. I am healthy 36 year old woman with normal menstrual cycle and secure contraception which include the prevention of any sexually transmitted infections. Can I have blisters on vagina? In general, who can get blister on vagina?

ANSWER from experts

In principle healthy women should not have blisters on vagina. In many cases blister on vagina is developed because of sexually transmitted diseases (very often during HPV). Sometimes blisters on vagina can be developed in women who are not sexually active. There are several main causes for vaginal blisters including infections, friction, ingrown hairs or clogged sweat glands.

Only some women could be included in the risk group for blister on vagina:

Who can get blister on vagina?

Who can get blister on vagina?

red check mark very small  Women with sexually transmitted diseases (especially with HPV);

red check mark very small  Women with vaginal trauma (trauma after intercourse, surgical trauma, etc.);

red check mark very small  Women who regularly use synthetic undergarments. Bacterial or fungal infections can develop from wearing synthetics and can provoke blister on vagina.

red check mark very small  Women with poor nutrition also can be included in the risk group for the blister on vagina. Scientists discovered that when the body lacks the nutrients it needs, it can respond in strange way – even by developing the blister on vagina.

red check mark very small  Stress also can trigger blister on vagina. When the body is in stress, it is creating large amounts of hormones which can change chemical status of vaginal cells and provoke blister on vagina (sometimes because of vaginal infection activations). When the blister on vagina is cased by the stress, it is usually just a single blister that is only painful when touched.

red check mark very small  Wrong synthetic tight clothing could also be a reason for blister on vagina – certain types of synthetic underwear, tight jeans and/or pants and/or synthetic bathing suits. This kind of ” not breathing” cloths can cause sores, irritations and blister on vagina.


Important to know

An abnormal Pap test is often the first sign of a HPV infection. This is why it is important to start Pap tests by the time you are 21 years old. You should start earlier if you have special risks such as problems with your immune system or if you start sexual activities very early (13-15).

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