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Bikini bumps

Before summer millions of women should take care of beautiful bikini line – the perfect bikini zone is a vital part of embracing swimsuit season. Bikini line is the most sensitive area for shaving and irritated bikini zone as well as most scary bikini bumps can be a problem. Usually bikini bumps appear when the hair follicles are twisted and pulled due to a razor blade. Shaving could lead to the development of bikini bumps or ingrown hairs. Usually bumps appear when hair follicles get infected by bacteria – it causes inflammation, redness and pain in affected area.

There are several recommendations and techniques that every woman should absolutely keep in mind before, during and after shaving bikini zone. Just remember that prevention is always better and easier than treatment.

Bikini bumps – prevention recommendations

Don’t shave bikini line every day
It is better to let hair grow out a bit and old bumps to heal before shaving. The best is to shave your bikini zone under the warm shower and preferably rinse off with cold water. It is well known that warm water can soften hair and make sensitive skin less prone to irritation. At the same time, rinsing with cold water will close up skin pores which will prevent infections, inflammation and irritation.

Apply shaving cream before shaving
Always use shaving cream which will soften hair and moisturize sensitive skin. After cream it will be easier and safer to shave hairs. Usually bumps occur when hairs and skin are dry.

Use sharp razor
Best is to use new sharp razor which would not irritate the skin around hair follicles and would not trigger ingrown hairs. Old razors keep bacteria which could be responsible for irritation, inflammation and painful bumps.

After shaving moisturizing lotion is necessary
Always apply quality lotion after shaving – it will reduce redness, irritation and will prevent bumps.

Never scratch or try “to clean” bumps
If you scratch or damage irritated bumps, you would increase risks of infections and inflammation. At the same time, you will slow down healing processes.

Shaving technique
Shaving should be done in downward – in the direction of the hair growth (never upward).

Apply deodorant after shaving
Some women recommend deodorant (any) application right after shaving – it will prevent bumps in bikini zone.

Bikini bumps – treatment

Bikini bumps

Several creams can be effective including antibacterial creams, antibiotic creams, Retin-A cream, hydrocortisone cream. Local application of mentioned creams can reduce swelling and redness caused by inflammation.

Crushed aspirin paste can support healing of irritated bikini line bumps due to exfoliation, liberation of pores and release of trapped ingrown hairs. At the same time, aspirin can kill some bacteria responsible for redness and inflammation.

Witch hazel
Witch hazel is natural products with antiseptic, anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial and astringent properties. Local application with cotton pad can calm irritated bumps.

Aloe Vera lotion or gel can heal irritated bumps due to its anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. Local application on affected area will help you to rid of bumps.

Tea tree oil
Tea tree oil has magic natural antiseptic and antibacterial properties which can not only treat but also prevent bumps on bikini area. Mixture of tea tree oil with water should be applied with cotton pads.

Apple Cider Vinegar
Apple Cider Vinegar can restore bikini skin’s pH levels and help promoting healing as well as preventing any blistering. Apple Cider Vinegar should be always diluted before applying on the skin.

Black tea
Black tea has anti-inflammatory property and it can calm redness and irritation. Just apply cold black tea tissue on bikini line. Some experts recommend black tea ice cubes to be applied just after shaving.

Neosporin local application soon after shaving can eliminate bumps on bikini line. This medication can be used easily after each shaving – keeping your bikini line bump-free.

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