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Bikini waxing styles

Bikini hygiene includes hygiene and style of pubic hair. Mostly it is very important during summer time when women participate in not announced seasonal swimsuit “competitions”. Swimsuit season put women under pressure – forcing them to choose the best bikini waxing styles, to choose best pubic hair cut methods and to invent personalized pubic hair styles.

Bikini waxing is one of the most popular forms of body hair removal. The pubic hair removal habits in Western women started in XX century – it became more common when bathing suits became abbreviated and women started wearing new thong bikinis. Bikini waxing means hair removal from pubic area (mainly from bikini lines) which gives women a freedom to wear modern underwear, swimming suits and lingerie which are becoming increasingly skimpier. Following the fashion, women are forced to remove more and more hair in bikini area. Bikini waxing is a great solution for millions of women in different societies (including ancient centuries). Bikini waxing is a common part of the routine regular hygiene for women of any age – it has huge influence at fashion trends of skimpy bathing suits and lingerie. Bikini waxing styles are the part of summer fashion.

Bikini waxing styles

Bikini waxing could be done differently depending on body frame, swimming suite style and women health indicators. There are many bikini waxing styles but all are based on main classical styles:

  • Basic bikini wax,
  • French wax,
  • Full bikini wax,
  • Brazilian wax,
  • Hollywood wax.

Above mentioned bikini waxing styles will help you to choose the best waxing products and the best waxing style matching your personal needs, preferences and comfort level. In general, bikini waxing style should be attractive and comfortable – it can be changed from season to season and depending on chosen swimming costumes.

Basic bikini wax

Basic bikini wax is the most traditional waxing style – it means hair removal outside the panty line. It is the most natural modest bikini waxing style – hair is removed around the edges for not appearing outside of bikini. If you are starting bikini waxing for the very first time, basic bikini wax style is the best option.

French wax

French waxing style includes hair removal from around the front and the sides, except for the middle – it takes the majority of hair off the front except for a small strip and stops before the back. In French waxing style the hair around the butt-cheeks is left alone. French wax leaves the thin strip in the middle (so called pubic “landing strip”). This waxing style keeps pubic area pretty smooth with most hair removed but hair behind are not removed. If you want to look smooth from the front, choose French wax style.

Full bikini wax

Full bikini waxing style also considered as natural – it just offers more hair removal compared with basic bikini wax. Full bikini waxing takes the sides of the bikini line deeper than a regular bikini wax; this bikini wax style can also include waxing some hair on top to make a more defined “triangle” hair area; at the same time, the trimming down the hair left shorter.

Brazilian wax

Modern Brazilian wax style originated from Brazil – this waxing style had its beginnings on the beautiful sunny beaches of Rio de Janeiro, where bathing beauties first donned the thong bathing suit, which required a thong-type-waxing to make it wearable. Brazilian waxing removes all hair around the pubic area except for a small strip; Brazilian waxing could include hair removal around the buttocks and inner thighs.
Brazilian waxing style is the most popular, it means removing hair from the top, sides and all the way to the back, leaving small landing strip or small triangle or small square or small rectangle shape on pubic bone. If you are planning to wear a thong or want to be completely (almost) hairless in front and back, then this waxing style would be the best for you.
In USA Brazilian style waxing was introduced in 1987 by J. Sisters International Salon which was opened in Manhattan, New York by seven Brazilian sisters Jocely, Jonice, Joyce, Janea, Jussara, Juracy and Judseia Padilha.

Bikini waxing styles

Hollywood wax

Hollywood waxing style means complete hair removal in pubic area, inner thighs and buttocks (completely bare from front to back, no genital hair left). This hair-free style is perfect for any type of swimsuits.

Bikini waxing styles – advantages

  • Not expensive (if used at home) for getting rid of pubic hairs;
  • Insures the smooth, sexy, clean and hair-free pubic area for pretty long period (about 4-7 weeks);
  • After several times is making pubic hairs softer, finer and sparser;
  • Provides perfect pubic hair hygiene for different needs, preferences and lifestyles.

Bikini waxing styles – disadvantages

  • It is painful (especially for women with sensitive skin);
  • Can be effective only if pubic hairs are long enough (at least 06-07cm or ¼ inch);
  • Can be expensive if service is provided in fashionable salons;
  • During menstrual period waxing is not recommended;
  • After waxing any tight underwear, jeans, cloths are not recommended during few days.

Bikini waxing styles – before and after

In general, body hair needs to be at least 0.6-0.7 cm (1/4 inch) long to wax effectively. This is why before bikini waxing the preliminary trimming is recommended OR 2-3 weeks between each waxing.
While many women prefer home waxing kits, some women prefer professional waxing because the bikini area is hard to access and professionals can do it perfectly. It is also very important to prevent bikini bumps. High quality wax will ensure better grip and less chance of allergic reaction.
Skin after waxing could become red and tender for several days. Lightweight bath powder can help conceal redness and help soothe the area. Aloe Vera application also can help to cool and calm the skin.

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