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Bra size measurement

First bra

A proper fitting bra is important during your teen years when your body is growing. Whether your first bra is a training bra, or a sports bra; below you can see some tips that will help. If you are beyond a training bra, and already have well-developed breast, you can see below useful advices which will help you determine your proper bra and cup size.

In general, bra size changes as your weight fluctuates throughout the different stages of your life. Losing or gaining just a few pounds is likely to have an effect.

Sometimes you go for so long wearing a specific size that you don’t realize it doesn’t fit well anymore and you stop noticing the discomfort. If you’re looking for a better fit, here’s how to find your true bra size.

Quick Bra Size Guide (from Beinggirl)

Bra size measurement

Step 1
Measure directly under your bustStep 2
Then measure the fullest part of your bustStep 3
To find your size cross-reference these two measurements on the Bra size chart.

Discover your bra size from the following table:

Bra size table

Standard Bra Size Guide

First you need to take the following 2 measurements:

Bra size measurement

Then look up those measurements in the table below to find your correct bra size:

Bra size table

Get the perfect bra size – bra fit

1. Bra straps digging into the shoulders?
If your bra straps are digging into your shoulders, you might be wearing your straps too tight. You might want to wear your Bra straps taut on your shoulders so they don’t slide off easily but not so tight that they cause strain and indentations. If you have larger breasts, a padded or wider strap would provide more comfort and alleviate any discomfort.

2. The double boob effect?
If your breasts are bulging out from the top cup of your bra making you look like you have 4 breasts, then the cup you are wearing is too small. If the Bra band fits fine then the only thing you need to do is size up in your cup.

3. Bra band digs into you?
If your bra band digs into your skin and makes the bra uncomfortable, then the band size is too small. You need to go up a band size and re-measure your cup size.

4. Bra cups that gape or won’t lay smooth?
After you have adjusted your breasts in the bra, if the cups pucker or gape at the top then the cup size is too big. You will have to size down one cup size. Another solution may be that the particular bra style you have chosen may not work with your breast type. Please select another style for your comfort.

5. Falling out of the bottom of your bra?
If your breasts are falling out from underneath your underwire then the Bra band is too big. You will have to size down the band size. E.g. from a size 36 to a 34

6. Sagging Breasts?
If your breasts look unsupported in your bra, your bra may be too old. Bras generally last 6 – 9 months depending on your breast size and how you wash them. A properly fitting bra should make your breast look lifted, upright and perky. If your bra does not give you this look, it’s time for a new bra.

7. Bra band rides up your back?
There are generally 3 reasons why this occurs:

You might be adjusting your bra straps too tight, thereby making the band ride up
The bra band is too big, so you need to re-measure for the correct size
The Bra is too old and is stretched. It’s time to buy a new bra in the correct size

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Once you know your bra size, choose your bra style from different modern bra styles (on next page).

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