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Cancerous cells

According to scientists, we all have a small amount of cancerous cells (malformed cells) in the body. Actually the cancerous cells are basically normal cells that have been “attacked” and transform at the genetic level by different types of stressors including abnormal environmental and genetic factors, radiation, papillomavirus or other viruses, microbes, nicotine, junk diet, unhealthy lifestyle and some diseases. What is actually happening? – “attacked” cells start uncontrolled proliferation, developing first stages of cancer.

What is cancer? – It can be classified as not regulated cell growth and the ability to invade. Every time a new generation of cancer cells is born, those cells harbor new mutations—mutations that go beyond those already present in the genes that are supposed to regulate growth.

In general, healthy body which is consuming properly selected foods and enjoying healthy lifestyle is able to fight, remove and heal potential cancerous cells, keeping body in ideal balance. It is possible only if you have strong immune system – our defense system. The immune system is capable of dispatching proliferations and inflammations, vanquishing many invaders without you ever being aware of it.

Normal and cancerous cells

At the same time, if body experiencing unhealthy lifestyle and fed with junk food and abused with sugar, nicotine, drugs and caffeine, “attacked” malformed cells can continue toward the development of cancer. All noted negative factors usually weaken the immune system and reduce its fighting abilities.

It is well known that cancer is not just very old disease of humans. Many animals also can have different types of cancer including rats, dogs, cats, sharks and Tasmanian devils. Hundreds of millions of years ago, when the great dinosaurs walked the Earth, dinosaurs had cancer.

“The first thing I learned is that we all carry cancer cells in us, even if only a few. But we also have natural defenses that usually prevent these cells from becoming an aggressive disease. These defenses include our immune system; the bodily functions that control inflammation; and foods that reduce the growth of blood vessels needed by tumors”
Dr. David Servan-Schreiber, French physician, neuroscientist, Professor of Psychiatry, University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine, author of famous book “ANTICANCER, a new way of life”.

All above mentioned information means cancer can be prevented. During last decade many scientific studies confirmed anticancer ability of several products. Discover the following:

Cancer cell division

It is crucial to choose foods based on pH. Several studies explain how pH can affect cells – drops in pH place unnatural stress on a cell and can potentially cause it to become malignant.

“Healthy cells in the human body thrive in mild, moderate, and even high pH fluids (7.3-11 pH). They do not tolerate even a mild acid state. Cancerous cells, on the other hand, thrive in an acidic pH of 5.5. Cancerous cells become dormant at a pH slightly above 7.365, and transform back to the microzyma or die at a pH of 8.5 (while healthy cells live)”
Dr Richard A. Young, Professor of Biology, Microcellular biologist, Whitehead Institute, Yale University

It looks like the frequency of cancer is increasing. It could be explained by several objective factors:

First, modern lifestyle increase cancer risks because of newly developed equipment with certain radiation, smoking, air pollution, newly developed GMOs (genetically modified organisms), junk food and drinks, sugar and food addictions, passive lifestyle, etc., etc.

Second, modern medicine is able to diagnose even very early stages of cancer which was not possible in past.

Third, thanks to modern and effective methods of cancer treatment, nowadays there are millions of cancer survivors, who increase numbers in cancer statistics. Cancer patients today will likely live much longer than the same cancer patient 40-50 years ago.

Fourth, numbers of organ transplantation are increasing and number of clients using immune-suppressant drugs is also increasing. It is well known that immune system is our strongest guardian. Patients on immune-suppressant drugs following organ transplantation have a 100-fold increase of cancer incidence.

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