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Contraception methods

Contraception methods existed even centuries ago. Pregnancy prevention always was an important issue, especially for some animals. It is well known that during long marches on desert caravans, Bedouins put stones into female camel’s uterus for pregnancy prevention.

First contraception for women was invented in Egypt – the Egyptian pessary is the earliest contraceptive device for women made of crocodile dung, honey and sodium carbonate. Ancient books described how some queens had gold rings in the uterus for contraception reasons. So, people have used contraception methods for thousands of years. Modern contraception methods are better developed – they are much more effective and safe.

Every healthy woman can get pregnancy every month because evolution prepared female body for reproduction.

Contraception methods

Modern contraception is available almost in all countries. It is very important to choose the best contraception for each person and for each couple. Only you can decide what is best for you. Different contraception methods should be considered for different periods of your life. Looking at birth control options, always choose the one which has no contra-indications for you, the one which is easy to use and convenient for your sexual schedules and most effective one. There is no 100% contraception but modern methods can insure 95-98% effectiveness (if properly used according to instructions). It is important to mention that dual contraception can give you almost 100% security (if correctly used).

While discussing contraception methods and choosing the most convenient and effective contraception for you, don’t forget that sexually transmitted diseases also should be prevented. During every contact you can get sexually transmitted diseases. Better to choose the method which can not only prevent unwanted pregnancy but can also prevent sexually transmitted diseases.

Female contraception

Emergency contraception

Emergency contraception can be used in following cases:

  • when no contraceptive has been used,
  • when contraceptive methods failed (missed pills, condom rupture, diaphragm dislodgement, etc.),
  • when girl or woman has been a victim of the sexual attack (abuse).

Male contraception

Contraception methods – dual contraception

Dual contraception is simultaneous use of modern effective contraception by both partners which could be an ideal way to prevent both pregnancy and sexually transmitted infections and diseases.
Safe dual protection means mutual monogamy between healthy non-infected partners who chose to use modern effective contraception.


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