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Early pregnancy symptoms

Classic pregnancy symptoms are well known but what about very early pregnancy symptoms? Even before you miss your menstrual period, you could feel that you are pregnant. Some early pregnancy symptoms are unique but some are pretty general and could be triggered by other causes and could appear without pregnancy. Some women feel early pregnancy symptoms very fast but some women don’t experience any signs of pregnancy or don’t pay attention to simple pregnancy symptoms. It is very subjective feeling. Some early pregnancy symptoms often mimic typical menstrual cycle signs or signs of different health conditions.

It is always better to recognize pregnancy as soon as possible for several reasons: for adequate care (lifestyle, diet), for regular prenatal care and for medical abortion (if needed).

All women are different and they are experiencing pregnancy differently. Not every woman has same early pregnancy symptoms and even same woman can have different symptoms during different pregnancies (depending on age, hormonal fluctuations, health status and baby sex).

During pregnancy women experience dramatic hormonal fluctuations responsible for most early pregnancy symptoms:

Early pregnancy symptoms – menstrual cycle and vaginal discharge

If you always had regular menstrual cycles, late period or missed period can be considered as a sign of possible pregnancy. But not all missed or delayed periods are caused by pregnancy.
Sometimes instead of expected period women could experience some mini-bleeding (light and short bleeding) or brown spotting – if it happened few days earlier than expected, it could be implantation bleeding (10-14 days after conception), where the fertilized egg attaches to the uterine wall and causes a little bloodshed.
During early pregnancy women could have milky vaginal discharge related to the growth of cells lining the vagina and the thickening of vaginal walls (happened almost immediately after conception).

Early pregnancy symptoms – breasts

Breast tissue is very sensitive to hormonal fluctuation. This is why women could feel sore breasts, tender breasts or increased breasts even before expected date of next menstruation. Some pregnant women mentioned “heavy breasts”, “breast discomfort”, darkening of areola and newly appeared breast veins.

Early pregnancy symptoms – morning sickness

Early pregnancy symptoms

Morning sickness (nausea) is the most famous early symptom of pregnancy. Fortunately not every pregnant woman suffers from it. Nausea could appear at any time of day – it could be triggered by food smell, favorite food or even just by food images.
Sometimes nausea can stay during all pregnancy but most common morning sickness disappeared after 2-3 months.

Early pregnancy symptoms – food, smell and preferences

Cravings or food aversions appear very early – you can start loving unusual foods or hate favorite fruits or suffer from food cravings. You may be repulsed by certain smells or have unusual increased sensitivity to odors.

Early pregnancy symptoms – basal temperature

Basal temperature during pregnancy is very typical. Usually basal temperature is elevated from ovulation until you get your menstrual period (14 days after ovulation). But if your basal temperature stays elevated beyond 14 days, it could be considered as a symptom of pregnancy.

Early pregnancy symptoms – gastroenteral system

Hormonal changes during early pregnancy (mainly increased levels of progesterone) could trigger bloating and cause the digestive system to slow down leading to constipation. Vomiting followed by nausea also could be noted during early pregnancy.

Early pregnancy symptoms – urination

Frequent urination also can be considered as early sign of pregnancy. During pregnancy body produces extra fluids which lead to bladder overtime working and frequent urination (even during night). In most cases frequent urination starts around the sixth or eighth week after conception.

Early pregnancy symptoms – unusual pains

Pregnancy hormonal changes, uterus stretching and loosening ligaments could trigger different types of pain – headaches, backaches or cramping.

Early pregnancy symptoms – mood swings

Early pregnancy signs

It is well known that most women have mood swings connected to hormonal fluctuations during menstrual cycle. Dramatic hormonal changes during pregnancy could be responsible for more severe mood swings – making you unusually emotional and weepy.

Early pregnancy symptoms – general feelings

Pregnant women could also experience some general not specific symptoms such as fatigue, shortness of breath, dizziness or fainting. All mentioned symptoms are triggered but hormones. Some pregnant women mention nasal congestion. Increased levels of hormones and blood production may cause the mucous membranes in the nose to swell, dry out and bleed easily – it could cause stuffy or runny nose.

Early pregnancy symptoms – pregnancy test

If you have some of above mentioned symptoms, it is the right time to buy pregnancy test.

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