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Green tea health benefits

Green tea is considered as the healthier drink which can provide several natural useful properties. Green tea health benefits are well known. It is originated in China and it has very long and old history. Green tea usually derived from the leaves of the plant called “Camellia sinensis” – leaves are steamed, which helps in preventing the catechins from oxidizing (keeping the most powerful and important antioxidant).

Nowadays green tea is very popular almost in all countries of the world. Green tea contains pretty strong natural antioxidants (so called “polyphenols”) which can help keeping healthy body, healthy skin and hair as well as can protect from cancer development by blocking the growth of cancer cells. Green tea contains several useful elements including some vitamins – vitamin A, vitamin B1, vitamin B2, vitamin B3, vitamin C and vitamin E.

Scientists highlighted not only daily benefits from green tea but also long-term health benefits of green tea. It was noted that those who drink green tea regularly are at a lower risk of developing heart diseases and even cancer.

Experts suggest using loose tea leaves instead of using the tea bag – it will not only impart flavor but also allows the release of more antioxidants into your cup.

Green tea health benefits – weight control

As it was already mentioned, the most powerful property of green tea is its antioxidant activity – actually green tea contains ten times the amount of antioxidants that we can find in fruits and vegetables. It was noted that mentioned antioxidants increase the metabolic rate in the body by intensifying the levels of fat oxidation and the rate at which the body turns food into calories – it supports weight loss. Green tea is able to reduce the volume of the body fat and bloating, while detoxifying the body and suppressing untimely food cravings. Another positive action of green tea is elimination of excess water which contributes to reduced excess weight.

Green tea health benefits – cancer

According to scientists, free radicals are responsible for causing certain types of cancer. Antioxidants activity of green tea can neutralize these free radicals and reduce the risk of cancer development. Green tea helps in blocking carcinogens and negative action of ultraviolet light – actually treating some skin problems and preventing skin cancer development. It was also noted that polyphenols from green tea can slow breast cancer growth. Research shows that green tea can be also helpful against lung cancer grow; it may halt colorectal cancer and can also cause prostate cancer cells to commit suicide.

Green tea health benefits – bad breath

In most cases the bad breath (so called “halitosis”) is a symptom of bacteria growth. Green tea has the ability to inhibit the growth of bacteria and viruses that cause dental diseases and bad breath. It can also reduce the inflammation in the gums. You just need to wash your mouth with concentrated green tea (1-2 tea bags in 1 cup) and it will refresh your breath almost immediately.

Green tea health benefits – aging

Unfortunately free radicals are also responsible for aging. Green tea antioxidants can to neutralize the oxidants or free radicals presence in the body. The regular consumption of green tea can effectively delay the signs and symptoms of aging.

Green tea health benefits – cardio-vascular diseases

Green tea

It is well known that increased levels of cholesterol can increase risks for cardiovascular diseases and stroke. Tannins and catechins from green tea have the ability to reduce levels of cholesterol – mainly so called “bad cholesterol” which can cause a plaque build-up in the arteries, thus causing blockages. It was also noted that green tea can prevent thickening of the blood, thereby reducing chances of arterial sclerosis, thrombosis and cardiac / cerebral strokes. It should be mentioned that only regular daily use of green tea can insure benefits for cardio-vascular system.

Green tea health benefits – immune system

Scientists discover immunity boosting activity of green tea – its antioxidants and vitamin C are making body healthier by strengthening fighting activity against different infections (including cold and flu). Surveys demonstrated that people who regularly drink green tea do not fall victims to common bacterial and viral infections as easily as those who do not add green tea to their daily diet. Catechins present in green tea prevent bacteria and viruses from attaching cell walls in order to infect them.

Green tea health benefits – skin

Several studies demonstrated positive conclusions related to the benefits of green tea for the skin. Green tea has few properties (mainly antioxidants) that insure glowing skin, slow down premature skin aging, prevent skin damage and wrinkling. All benefits can be achieves from consuming as well as applying green tea externally. It is well known that green tea protects against sun damage (UV rays) by blocking free radicals and reducing inflammation. Green tea acts as a natural sunscreen against the exposure to UV rays – it helps in preventing the free radicals from settling between the skin cells and causing formation of wrinkles on the skin. Locally used green tea leaves can also be used for gentle exfoliation.

Green tea health benefits – hair

Green tea contains polyphenols, vitamin E and vitamin C, which are known to boost lustrous hair. Regular use of green tea can stimulate the hair growth and soften the hair. Green tea can also inhibit the growth of hormone called “dihydrotestosterone” (DHT) which hinders hair growth and causes hair fall. You can drink green tea and use it as the conditioner.

Green tea health benefits – diabetes

The alkaline nature of green tea helps to reduce the blood glucose level. It was noted that green tea helps in managing Type II diabetes. The natural antioxidants present in it inhibit the secretion of an enzyme known as alpha-glucosidase, which, in turn, slows down the absorption of glucose in the blood stream. It means that less insulin is required to manage the glucose in the blood stream and thus, green tea’s properties help in controlling and managing this disease. Green tea can also help improve the glucose tolerance in healthy individuals.

Green tea health benefits – allergy

Antioxidants of green tea block the key cell receptors that produce histamine and immunoglobulin E (IgE) – key elements of allergic reactions. Actually green tea helps in stopping body from reacting to allergens like pollen, pet dander, dust and other allergens.

Green tea health benefits – genital warts

Topical application of green tea extracts has been found to effectively treat external genital and perianal warts. Detailed mechanisms should be investigated.

Several studies show that green tea can be also effective in preventing arthritis, osteoporosis and asthma as well as in reducing stress and depression. Detoxifying function of green tea can be beneficial for liver health, stomach ailments and some neurological diseases.

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