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Hairstyle vs face shape

Hairstyle vs face shape is discussed in many articles but still it is not simple to choose the right hairstyle for certain face shape. Wrongly chosen hairstyle for wrongly identified face shape can be a disaster. Perfectly performed hairstyle on the wrong face shape also can be a disaster. Why? Because all hairstyles are based predominantly on shape and geometry – it is about putting the best frame around certain type of face to balance and bring perspective to the overall shape. Chosen hairstyle should hide “face defects” and create the illusion of perfect oval face. If you can find the best hairstyle for your face shape, it means you can be beautiful and attractive.

One of the most important factors of hairstyle suitability is face shape identification. Many women cannot properly identify their face shape.

Hairstyle vs face shape – What is your face shape ?

There are few well known face shapes – oval, round, square, heart, triangular, diamond and oblong. Even though your face may not be an exact match of any single shape, it will resemble one shape over all.

Oval face shape means curvilinear shape, length is equal to one and a half times width and the forehead and jaw are the same width.

Round face shape means circular shaped and length is approximately equal to width.

Square face shape means strong and broad forehead and angular jaw.

Heart face shape means wide at the forehead and cheekbones and narrow at the jaw line.

Triangular face shape means forehead and cheekbones are narrow and jaw line is wide.

Diamond face shape means forehead and jaw line are narrow but cheekbones are wide and high.

Oblong face shape means face is longer than it is wide with long, straight cheek line.

Hairstyle vs face shape – recommendations for your face shape

Hairstyle vs face shape

Basic rule of finding the best haircut for your face shape – never highlight your problem spot, and try to create the illusion that you have perfect oval face.

Oval face

A lot of hairstyles go well with the longish oval face. The best looking and the sexiest style would be long layered hair with layers near the cheekbone. Sometimes blunt and side bangs look nice. Try not to have too much fluff or volume at the top as it adds to the long face look.
If hairs are smooth and straight – better to choose hard lined short cut hair. For long oval face experts recommend angular bob with short, chin-hugging layers. If you have springy curls, which need more weight to keep them from getting puffy, better go for 1-2 inches (2.5-5.0 cm) longer.
If you have fine hair and if you prefer medium length of haircut – keep uneven pieces around your face so hair looks as full and dense as possible. If you prefer long hairstyle, long strands paired with retro texture and sweeping fringe would be recommended. For fine hair – keep hair at shoulder length with flighty bangs centered by blow-drying.

Round face

The first advice would be to grow your hair long because long hairs frame round face perfectly – better to get layered cut with the first layer starting from the chin. Side swept bangs also would be recommended.
If you have curly hair, better to have long hair at same length without layers.
Some women with round face prefer short cut. Gamine with spiky layers sliced all around the crown could be a good option.
If you prefer medium length hair, long, collarbone-skimming bob with wispy pieces around the neck can be recommended. Go few inches longer than normal to add weight to the cut and balance the roundness of your face.

Hairstyle vs face shape

Square face

You need to choose the hairstyle that plays down your strong angular jaw – best would be long and wavy style, curls or choppy ends. If you have short hair, better try chin length tapered bob or short layered bob with subtle bangs.
If you prefer medium length hairstyle, choose light shoulder length layers which start a few inches above the ends with sweeping bangs. If you prefer long hairs, collarbone-skimming strands with slight bangs that hit at the cheekbone would be recommended. If you have fine hair, better keep layers to a minimum.

Heart shaped face

Perfect hairstyle for heart shape face is one that draws attention to eyes and cheekbones. You can choose long wavy hair, shoulder length bob. Kind of sophisticated messy hairstyle could match heart shaped face perfectly.
If you prefer short hairstyle, coy pixie that’s clipped evenly on the sides and nape with short layers on top could be a good option. Avoid top-heavy effect that will exaggerate your chin. Dense strands need to be sliced.
If you prefer medium hair length, collarbone-length crop with sweeping bangs and uniform layers could be nice. It will not work well with curly and coarse hair texture. If you prefer long hairstyles, long layers with curly sections and full bangs would be recommended.

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