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How to attract men

Men’s brain is developed in such a way that visual cues attract them the most. Majority of men care about women’s physical look – it usually comes on top of selection list. Biologically males were created in such a way that they get attracted to healthy and fertile women. Unconsciously men get attracted to certain females that “demonstrate” enough supply of feminine hormone. This unconscious selection accepts healthy women with highest female hormones and excellent fertility. Psychologically men get attracted to women with low waist to hip ratio, full lips, feminine body frame, sparkling eyes and glowing smooth skin. According to cultural peculiarities men could prefer slim body or heavy women. When it comes to family building, men always choose women who make them feel good about themselves, who are easy going, who know how to attract men and who can build comfort and security.

Although there are several well known tricks how to attract men, sometimes men can be attracted by simple smile or sexy movement or unexpected supportive touch.

Generally speaking, you can make man fall for you only if you make him feel appreciated and welcomed. But it is always important to catch his attention by using several tips.

How to attract men – your personality

Self-confident women are always more interesting to spend time with. Try to be a woman who knows what she wants and how to achieve goals. Avoid overdoing. If you cross the red line, you would look arrogant instead of confident. Men hate arrogant women.
Important part of your personality is your look – straight posture, make up, hair style, body shape, exposed chest, sexy cloths and attractive accessories. Some intellectual men can be attracted by interesting book or exceptional musical disc or high tech tools.

How to attract men

How to attract men – scent

Never underestimate the power of scent. Specific smell (natural aroma, perfume or pheromones) is one of the most powerful subconscious influences that affect men decisions and judgments. Scent can strengthen women attractiveness. Biologically different men can be attracted by very different smells. Several surveys confirm that about 50-55% men were attracted just because of female appealing scent. Female scent is crucial. Women can enhance their natural pheromones by using specific perfumes or aphrodisiac additional ingredients such as aromatherapy oils. Actually scent itself is the leading feeling which sends us to opposite sex. Selected perfume should be applied in limited amount (few drops) on wrists, behind ears, in the bend of elbow, behind knees and on the inside of ankles. Perfume is important component of woman personality. Men can select (smell) his woman blindly (without opening eyes).

How to attract men – speaking habits

When to speak and what to speak if you would like to attract men? Let man to start first, be patient and show how you can be a good listener. Don’t try to impress men with your intellectual achievements or stories or jokes. Relax and smile. If he does not know how to start the conversation, you can start with very simple easy common subjects, letting him to feel his leadership. Your smile would stimulate him but don’t exaggerate. Permanent smile without any reason could look very stupid. Try to compliment him – compliments always bring men and woman closer.
In conversation try to be yourself, don’t try to please him, don’t hide your personal opinions and views but never be aggressive. Positive behavior would be always appreciated.
Eye-to-eye contact is also important during conversation. Keep this contact during whole conversation. Ask for help – men like to be useful and powerful. At the same time, show how you care about his personal interests (more than friends care).
At the end of your conversation be ready to say goodbye without any pressure. Be happy, easy going and a little bit shy. Let him to decide about next meeting.

How to attract men – your appearance

Main rule is “show little and hide more”. You should learn how to dress for driving men crazy. Try to find the best compromise between showing and hiding parts of your body. Sometimes you need to hide your best parts and show a little bit other parts. But in most cases women hide “body defects” and show most attractive parts. Everything depends on men character – he prefers to see during first meeting or prefers surprises.
Men notice that most attractive are women who feel sexy but not women who try to look sexy. Successful women always take care of themselves, exercise regularly and stay fit.

How to attract men – signs of attraction

Men expect signs of attraction. Women flirt naturally. Try to guess what can attract your man – play with your beautiful hairs or “mistaken” touch or sexy eating or sparkling eyes. Experienced men will catch your signs easily and inexperienced men will feel something unusual and will react. But never overdo and don’t cross the red line.

How to attract men – dancing

History knows many examples of falling in love after dancing or watching erotic dancing. During dancing women have plenty of possibilities for sexy body movements which often attract men. Most women express themselves during dancing which is a powerful tool for attraction.

How to attract men – meeting place

Meeting place is very important – it should be in calm romantic environment. You need his complete attention which you cannot achieve in crowded places. Don’t underestimate the power and importance of soft music and perfumed candle lights.

How to attract men – last tips

  • Be relaxed and confident,
  • Be yourself (don’t pretend being something else),
  • Use your body language for on-going flirt,
  • Let him feel leadership,
  • Give him a chance to speak without interruption,
  • Feel sexy and dress sexy,
  • Be mysterious and playful,
  • Show your interest in his stories,
  • Try to be interesting and easy going.

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