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Skin wrinkles

All women hate wrinkles but do you know why does the skin wrinkle as you age? What are main causes for skin wrinkles? What can trigger skin wrinkles development? Do you know how avoid wrinkles?

Medical professionals call skin wrinkles “rhytide” which is actually a fold or crease in the skin. Usually skin wrinkles appear as a result of aging processes in the body. Skin wrinkles could be a result of repeated habitual facial expressions or habitual sleeping positions as well as weight loss, long sun exposure, poor skin hydration, prolonged immersion in water or smoking. Most unpleasant are face skin wrinkles which women always try to hide.

Skin wrinkles development is a complicated process but generally speaking, skin wrinkles with age because our body doesn’t fully repair damage to the molecules that give young skin its strength and resilience.

Another reason why skin can be “damaged” with aging is that skin acts as a barrier between the environment and our body – all negative out-body factors always first “meet” our skin and skin is becoming the first body organ which is forced to fight “attacking” factors.

Skin Wrinkles development mechanism

The surface of our skin is covered with flat cells rich in protein keratin which makes skin water resistant and tough (which actually keep our skin young). As all cells in the body, these skin cells are shed and the new generations of cells are replaced – skin cells gradually slough off and are replaced by an underlying generation of new cells. With aging slow cells replacement could be noted and young skin could be replaced by “old” skin with wrinkles.

Skin wrinkles

Actually the wrinkling does not affect the epidermis (outer layer of skin) – epidermis is not where age-related wrinkling happens. Below the epidermis a thick skin layer (so called “dermis”) contains different types of proteins that strengthen the skin as well as skin elasticity (elastin, collagen). Less elastic skin usually leads to sagging and wrinkling. With aging the collagen and elastin content is decreasing and as a result we could experience loose, clump, thick and criss-cross skin wrinkles.

With aging our skin produces less collagen – after 20 women produce about 1% less collagen in the skin each year. As a result, the skin becomes thinner and more fragile with aging.

Free radicals can also be the cause of skin wrinkles – free radicals are byproducts of energy. Free radicals can be also produced because of influence of negative environmental factors such as professional chemicals, smoking, ultraviolet radiation, air pollution, etc. Women can protect their skin from free radicals by using antioxidant enzymes (vitamin C, E, carotenoid pigments and other skin products).

Skin is the main barrier between the body and the environment and this is why skin is especially vulnerable to high-energy radiation from the sun. UV radiation from sun is the crucial risk factor which can accelerate skin wrinkles. If skin is exposed to the ultraviolet radiation from sun, it also could cause skin wrinkles because UV radiation could damage DNA and other skin molecules. Accumulated effect from UV radiation can lead not only to skin wrinkles but can also damage the DNA in skin cells and trigger skin cancer. When you are young, the skin capability to repair the damages that occurred due to sunlight is high but with aging skin cells repair themselves slowly (not as fast as needed) and it could cause skin wrinkles.

Recent studies suggested that skin collagen can last only about 15-16 years and it can also explain the skin wrinkles with aging. During 15-16 ears of our life half of the skin collagen molecules stay still in our skin but the other half will have been broken down and replaced with new collagen. Anyway all skin wrinkles could be a result of several changes in the skin including combined reaction of free radicals and glucose from energy metabolism, reduced elasticity and lack of skin cells reparations.

Skin wrinkles are not the only symptom we experience with aging. Dermatologists noted also that aging skin becomes thinner and loses fat, making it less plump and smooth. With aging we could experience age spots and dryness. With aging the skin cells might take longer to heal, too.

Women should never forget that sunlight is a major cause of skin aging and wrinkles. Cigarette smoking also contributes to wrinkles.

Fight against skin wrinkles

Wrinkles prevention is the key strategy. It is very important to take care of your skin before all skin changes start to take place.

• Use regularly anti-wrinkles creams and/or anti-wrinkle patches;
• Protect your skin from sun and UV radiation;
• Avoid tanning salon;
• Use fresh food full of vitamins (A, C and E);
• Don’t smoke and use anti wrinkle pillows;
• Drink a lot of water (about 2 liter per day);
• Always moisturize dry skin (especially during months when the air is dry).

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