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Top 5 breast care tips

Female breast health reflects overall health. Healthy lifestyle, balanced diet and weight control are crucial for healthy breasts. In general, breasts need special care including breast hygiene, selection of right comfortable bra, usage of breast pillow, breast self-exam and screening mammography. Every woman should know breast care tips starting from puberty (breast development period). Breast health begins with necessary regular breast care starting in adolescence. Breast care should be a part of daily routine hygiene and health care. Healthy breasts are considered as symbols of beauty and sexuality. If you want to be proud of your breasts, see below top 5 breast care tips.

Top 5 breast care tips – breast hygiene

During puberty all girls concern about growing breasts. First advice would be – never try to force the process. All girls are different (genetically, physically, hormonal) and breast development can progress in various patterns. Every girl is unique – breasts can have different shapes and sizes. In general, breast development happens in stages and depends on the timing of puberty overall. If by age 16 your breasts wouldn’t develop, better to visit your doctor.

After puberty breasts also can change depending on menstrual cycle and monthly hormonal fluctuations.

Breast sweating and irritation can be avoided by daily shower with soap. Women with big heavy breasts could need two showers per day. Baby powder before wearing the bra can also prevent unpleasant irritation. If you experience breast skin dryness or roughness, avoid harsher lotions, perfumes, body washes, soap bars and laundry products.

Breast hygiene includes also weight hygiene (healthy weight maintenance). Overweight and obesity could increase breast cancer risks. It is recommended to keep Body Mass Index (BMI) less than 25. It is well known that accumulated fat cells produce female hormone estrogen and high levels of that hormone have been linked to certain cancers.

Top 5 breast care tips – wrong bra and braless

Top 5 breast care tips

Comfortable and supportive bras are important for healthy breasts (especially for medium and larger size breasts). Cotton bras are most recommended. Synthetic bras don’t breathe (can’t absorb moisture) and could trigger multiplication of infection causing bacteria.

Bra correct selection is crucial. Wearing the wrong bra size and not adequate bra style can lead to several breast problems. You cannot wear the same size of bra during many years. In general, breast size and shape may be changed during reproductive period of life. Bra size should be updated once every few years. According to some studies, about 60% of women consistently wear the wrong bra size.

Check how to select the right bra size in next article “How to measure bra size”.

If you select the wrong bra size or not adequate bra style, your breasts will look shapeless and unattractive. Wrong bra could be responsible for unflattering appearance and could draw unnecessary attention to the bust area. Wrongly selected bra may cause scarring underneath and on each side of breasts. Properly selected bra straps shouldn’t dig into the shoulders, leaving behind red marks (especially in cases of heavy big breasts). You can look in mirror – if your breasts are spilling out of bra from all angles, then you are wearing wrong size bra.

Wrong size bra can cause bad posture and lead to serious neck, shoulder or back problems.

Avoid tight bras because tight bra smash lymph vessels situated very close to breast surface – actually tight bras prevents the cleansing action of lymph fluids that flow through the vessels to clean out toxins. At the same time, tight bras squeeze clusters of lymph nodes in the armpits that produce immune cells to fight disease. Breast massaging by the end of day can increase lymph fluid circulation

Many health experts recommend going braless because healthy breasts need relaxation, free blood circulation and lymph cleansing processes. Blood circulation and circulation within the lymphatic system is crucial for healthy breasts. At least, it is recommended never wear bra during night sleep.

Top 5 breast care tips – breast pillow

Good night sleep is important not only for general health but also for breast health. Breast pillow can insure best breast relaxation during night sleep. Breast pillows were invented for prevention and elimination of décolletage wrinkles. Breast pillow benefits include the following:

  • Prevent development of chest wrinkles while sleeping;
  • Support big heavy breasts (naturally big breasts or artificially increased breasts);
  • Keep breast skin stretched (without wrinkles) during side sleep;
  • Support naturally increased breasts during pregnancy and breastfeeding.

Breast pillows are small soft comfortable pillows that lie between breasts during sleep. High quality breast pillows are adjustable and can fit all women. Breast pillows are usually fixed between breasts keeping them separate during whole night sleep. Breast pillow can be used during any favorite sleeping position (on side, on stomach, on back) and breast pillows can be comfortable not only in bed but also during sleep in car or aircraft.

Top 5 breast care tips – self-exam

Breast self-exam is a part of regular monthly breast care. In next article you can discover different types of breast self-exam including breast self-exam in the mirror, breast self-exam in the shower and breast self-exam while lying down.

During breast self-exam you can discover unusual changes including breast lumps, breast cysts, breast tenderness, change of breast size or shape, breast nipple abnormalities (inverted nipple or nipple discharge), breast skin irritation or redness.

Top 5 breast care tips – mammography

Breast cancer is the second most common cancer in women. Starting from age 40 women should have annual mammography which is considered as early breast cancer detection method. Screening mammograms can detect breast cancers in very earliest stages (even “in-situ”). Earlier breast cancer is diagnosed (very early stages), better are prognosis – successful treatment and high survival rates (up to 95-100%).

Mammogram results can be positive, negative, false positive or false negative. Positive test means breast tumor identification. Negative test means both breast are healthy without any abnormalities. False-positive test means mammogram looks abnormal (with certain signs similar to cancer) but in reality breast cancer does not exist. False-negative results occur when mammogram appears normal but actually woman already has breast cancer at early stages.

According to health experts, overall, screening mammograms miss about 10-15% of breast cancer that is present at the time of screening. Certain types of breast cancer do not show up on mammogram and could be hidden in dense breast tissue. The main cause of false-negative results is high breast density.

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