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Top 5 enlarging breasts methods

Women breasts can be considered as a significant symbol for femininity and sexuality. Many women are proud of beautiful breasts. Natural beauty of XXI century is changed. TV shows, modern magazines, beauty pageant and popular internet canals demonstrate gorgeous women and female perfection every day. Even naturally beautiful females are forced to follow current trends. Modern beauty technologies change whole world. Dramatic changes happen in women life – women received access to tricks which can make females sexier, more beautiful and more attractive. It is important to highlight that women perfection is very subjective and each person should focus on several factors including biological and psychological preferences. It is very important to be unique, looking into personal beauty concept and develop truly perfect beauty. Breasts are important part of female perfection. Beautiful breasts always were subject of attraction. Breast enlargement methods can improve physically the beauty you already own but they can increase also women self-esteem and confidence. Breast enlargement is a major positive step for most women – it can help boost self-esteem, body image and sexual satisfaction. Enlarging breasts is the most popular and frequently used activity performed by women of any age.

Top 5 enlarging breasts methods – Breast enlargement pads

Enlarging breasts with special pads is the most easy and cheap way to enlarge breast visible volume and appearance under clothes. Small breasts, sagging breasts and/or asymmetric breasts could create psychological and emotional problems for girls and women. Breast enlarging and modifying pads may be easy and comfortable solution for building needed self-confidence.

Top 5 enlarging breasts methods

Enlarging breasts pads have pretty long history – they have been used for centuries. Breast pads could provide fuller and bigger breasts appearance. Breast pads’ benefits include the following:

  • Cheap (available in many stores);
  • Easy to use (can be places in most types of bra);
  • Comfortable (can be used in comfortable home environment);
  • Size and shape can be changed easily (depending on life situation and type of clothes);
  • Feel natural and comfortable (especially modern silicone pads).

With breast pads women can change breast size instantly up to C cup. Breast pads are very popular among teen girls who are not patient enough waiting for their final breast development. Adult women can experience “bigger breasts” without cosmetic surgery (avoiding expensive beauty clinics).

Top 5 enlarging breasts methods – Breast enlargement creams

Due to potential health complications of breast enlargement surgery and sometimes not affordable costs, many women prefer breast enlargement creams. Modern market offer several types of breast enlargement creams. Most enlarging breasts creams contain natural effective herbal enhancers, including wild yam, black cohosh, fenugreek, burdock root, kelp and others (see natural remedies for breast enlargement).

Breast enhancement creams work by stimulating the growth of breast glandular tissue resulting in larger and firmer breasts. According to some studies, combination of breast enlargement creams and pills is recognized as most effective.

In general, breast enhancing creams cannot work as miracle and breasts will not grow overnight. Time and patience are important while using enlarging breasts creams.

Top 5 enlarging breasts methods – Breast enlargement pills

In general, breast size, shape and volume is genetically determined and depends on level of female hormones (mainly estrogen) and fat tissue (about 1/3 of breast is fat tissue). Most enlarging breasts pills contain phytoestrogens (compounds that naturally occur in plants) which have estrogenic effect on breast tissue. At the same time, some breast enlarging pills trigger fluid retention (increasing breast volume).

Even some birth control pills could increase breast size (considered as side effect of pills).

Breast enlarging pills should not be used during pregnancy, breastfeeding, high blood pressure, heart or liver problems, glaucoma and diabetes. It is not advisable to use breast enlargement pills while using antidepressants or other medications prescribed to treat emotional or psychological problems.

Top 5 enlarging breasts methods – Breast enlarging pumps

Breast pump can be used for tissue expansion – applying gentle vacuum pressure on breast, pump stimulate tissue expansion. Regular vacuum pressure after certain period of time could lead to increase of breast size. Breast enlarging pumps (vacuum technique) are supposed to work due to the tension on the breast – it leads to new breast tissue growth.

Market offers different types of breast pumps. Manual breast pump consists of plastic dome and small hand pump. By applying greater vacuum force to the breast, manual pump encourages blood circulation in breast and nipple – leading to better tissue nutrition.

Top 5 enlarging breasts methods – Breast lipofilling

Breast lipofilling is one of breast enlargement methods. During breast lipofilling the personal fat tissue is transplanted from different parts of body to the breast. Only not damaged fresh fat cells can be used during lipofilling. Modern medical technologies open new effective possibilities for breast lipofilling. This methodology requires certain equipment and qualifies medical experts. Breast lipofilling benefits include the following:

  • Breast enhancement results are very natural (both in breast form and size);
  • Women achieve two important goals – loose fat in certain places and enlarge breast sizes;
  • Breast lipofilling is perfect in cases of breast asymmetry, breast scars and breast trauma;
  • Short healing period and absence of side effects;
  • Do not create problems during breast screening tests such as mammography, ultrasound and tomosynthesis.

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