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How avoid period side effects?

The level and number of period side effects depend on women health status, lifestyle, general sensitivity and stress factors.

There are two strategies for preventing period side effects:

Pre-menstruation body preparation and

Natural remedies for the period of the menstruation.

Pre-menstruation body preparations include healthy lifestyle (healthy food, regular physical exercises) and complex of natural remedies.

Premenstrual preparations should be done 7-10 days before expected period and include the following:

Reduce sugar and salt intake
This is especially useful for bloating and swelling of the hands and feet, breast tenderness and dizziness. Increase foods rich in potassium such as fish, beans and broccoli.

Eat regularly 3-4 times a day
Eat small, frequent meals to help stabilize blood sugar.

Control use of coffee
Eliminate caffeine, which can aggravate anxiety, depression and breast tenderness.

Increase intake of healthy and useful products
Increase fruits, vegetables, beans, nuts, seeds, and fish. Try eating more whole sprouted grains, raw and fresh fruits and vegetables, as well as raw nuts and seeds.

Avoid some products
Some products should be avoided such as alcohol, fatty foods and red meat.

To avoid period side effects – Natural remedies and supplements recommended


Period side effect – bloating

To avoid period side effects some natural remedies could be recommended such as Calcium, Chaste Tree Berry, Magnesium, Evening Primrose Oil, Chasteberry, Red Clover, Bananas, Black pepper, Black Cohosh, Raspberry tea, Ginger and Primrose Oil.

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  1. My last period was 25th of June. And I made love with my spouse on 10th of this month August , however, I had egg white mucus discharge three days later. Am worried cos I don’t know if I might be pregnant . Please clarify me, thank you and remain blessed.

    • if you had period on 25 June and had sex on 10 August (on 47 day of cycle) it means you have irregular periods and most probably anovulatory cycles (in 90% cases) – without ovulation pregnancy is not possible; but it is safer to check by measuring your basal temperature – see how in – //