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Prof. Dr. Gayane Dolyan Descornet




To be able to survive in this world girls and young women need a comprehensive knowledge about their body, sexuality, menstrual cycle, contraception, family planning, counselling, fertility, abortion, safe sex as well as about women rights and reproductive rights.

Prof. Dr. Gayane Dolyan Descornet

Who is Prof. Dr. Gayane Dolyan Descornet ?

Prof. Dr. Gayane Dolyan Descornet is internationally recognized specialist with 35 years working experience. She is obstetrician-gynecologist and international expert on Reproductive Health, Adolescent Health, Contraception, Family Planning,   Counseling, Infertility, Safe Motherhood, Sexuality, Sexual Health, Safe Sex, Youth-Friendly and Client-Friendly Services and Quality of Care.

Prof. Dr. Gayane Dolyan Descornet was Regional Adviser in World Health Organization (WHO), United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA), International Planned Parenthood Federation (IPPF). She developed successful professional career in Research Centre of Maternal and Child Health Protection.

Why this website was developed?

This website was developed by Prof. Dr. Gayane Dolyan Descornet as humanitarian support for people who need urgent advice as well as for girls and women who don’t have time, money and access for professional advice at their living places. Thousands of girls and young women cannot receive professional advice in their cities and villages because of social pressure (taboo and shame to speak about sex, menstrual cycle, contraception, abortion, pregnancies; shame having sexual relations before marriages; shame to discuss sexuality and sex; etc.). Thousand of girls lacking trusted relations with mothers and parents in general, lacking information about development of their bodies and sexuality. Thousands of innocent girls are abused and became pregnant because of lack of information and lack of basic knowledge about women rights, reproductive rights, safe contraception, pregnancy, sexual abuse, sexually transmitted infections, client rights, etc., etc.

Information in this website is giving the basic knowledge about menstrual cycle, ovulation, fertile days, puberty, breast development, acne, periods, contraception, pills,  plan B and emergency contraception, dual contraception, IUDs, natural methods of contraception, sterilization, missed periods, missed pills, pregnancy, abortion, menstrual disturbances, PMS, PCOS, menopause, anorexia, irregular cycles, unplanned and unwanted pregnancies, first period, first time sex, first pregnancy, pregnancy tests, safer sex, obesity and menstrual cycle, information for boys and men. Given professional information and knowledge can prevent thousands of unplanned and unwanted pregnancies, prevent sexually transmitted infections and help young girls to move smoothly from teenage to adolescent and adulthood.

Special attention was paid to breast cancer prevention, early diagnosis and effective treatment. You can discover natural anticancer strategies and advises including cancer fighting food, anticancer spices, anticancer diet, anticancer vitamins and anticancer tea.

Absence of knowledge about healthy food, useful vitamins and healthy lifestyle can also become a reason for several health conditions and diseases such as obesity, diabetes and cancer. This website provides detailed information about weight control, obesity main causes and health benefits of different types of food as well as about importance of natural vitamins.

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