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Top 5 pubic hairstyles

Pubic hairs hygiene is a part of female routine hygiene. To cut or not to cut? – this question needs some clarifications. It is well known that for better hygiene including bikini hygiene it is recommended to trim pubic hairs. At the same time, modern swimming suits and modern female sexuality include ideal pubic line (free from hair). In addition, different pubic hairstyles highlight women sexuality, attractiveness and improve women self-confidence. During summer season women put under pressure – summer holidays require special bikini line care and pubic hair design. In western countries pubic hair trimming and removal habits started in XX century when swimming costumes became abbreviated and women started wearing modern sexy thong bikinis. Properly taken care bikini line gives women a freedom to wear modern underwear, swimming suits and lingerie. Pubic hair style selection usually depends on body frame, swimming suite style and women health indicators.

According to males, silky smooth properly taken care female private zones invite both manual and oral affection. Several experts noted that pubic hairstyles can be considered as a part of women personalized styles including dressing style and hair style. Some pubic hairstyles can make you special and romantic.

Top 5 pubic hairstyles

Following fashion, women are forced every year to choose different pubic hair styles. After sexual revolution women develop very special pubic hair styles such as landing strip, heart shape, triangle patch, lightning bolt and diamond shape. Modern Brazilian waxing offered certain pubic hairstyles adapted to women lifestyle, preferences and seasons. In all cases, pubic hair styles add a little spice to women sexuality and self-confidence. There are many types of pubic hair cuts (standard or personalized) but all are based on top 5 basic pubic hairstyles:

  • Basic bikini wax,
  • French wax,
  • Full bikini wax,
  • Brazilian wax,
  • Hollywood wax.

Top 5 pubic hairstyles – basic bikini wax

Basic bikini wax is the most natural simple and traditional type of pubic hair styles – it means pubic hairs removal from sides and top of undies line. In general, pubic hairs should be trimmed and removed around the edges for not appearing outside of bikini line.

Basic bikini wax can be considered as the most popular and conservative type of pubic hair styles. It can be convenient for females of any age (starting from puberty and finishing with menopause period of life.

Top 5 pubic hairstyles – French wax

French wax style means pubic hairs removal from front and both sides – living hairs in the middle (making a small strip – so called “landing strip”) and stopping before the back. Sometimes during French waxing instead of landing strip the special hairy triangle can be formed. In certain cases French waxing designs very narrow vertical strip (different from landing strip) or trimmed rectangular in the middle of pubic area. French waxing styles keeps pubic area silky smooth with most pubic hairs removed but hairs behind untouched.

Sometimes French pubic style called “Parisian style” as it is very popular in Paris.

Pubic hairstyles

Top 5 pubic hairstyles – full bikini wax

Full bikini wax provides more pubic hairs removal compared with basic ordinary bikini wax. Full bikini wax means deeper waxing including partial waxing on top of pubic zone (making smaller pubic triangle), deeper waxing on sides and deeper trimming of left hairs.

Top 5 pubic hairstyles – Brazilian wax

Brazilian waxing originated from Brazil – this pubic hair style starts on the beautiful sunny beaches of Rio de Janeiro, where bathing beauties first donned the thong bathing suit, which required a thong-type-waxing to make it wearable. In USA Brazilian style waxing was introduced in 1987 by J. Sisters International Salon which was opened in Manhattan, New York by seven Brazilian sisters.

Brazilian waxing removes almost all hairs around the pubic zone – it means hairs removal from the top, sides and all the way to the back, leaving very small landing strip or small triangle or small square or small rectangle shape on pubic bone.

Nowadays Brazilian waxing style considered as the most popular among young women.

Top 5 pubic hairstyles – Hollywood wax

Hollywood waxing style means complete hair removal in pubic area, inner thighs and buttocks (completely bare from front to back, no genital hair left). This type of pubic style is perfect for any kind of swimming costume.

Sometimes this type of pubic waxing style called “all off” which means full waxing of all bikini line, pubic area and whole surroundings. Hollywood waxing style provides silky smooth properly taken care attractive pubic zone.

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