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Pubic hair development

In healthy girls pubic hair usually grows in so called “pubic area” which includes the frontal genital area, the crotch and sometimes at the top of the inside of the legs. Pubic hair development can start in puberty at different ages – usually starting from 8-9.

During puberty (between the ages of 9 and 14) usually healthy girls start noticing specific changes taking place in their bodies including body fast grow, breast development, armpit hair grow and pubic hair development. These changes usually occur during several years and it could be pretty confusing if young girls are not properly prepared.

Puberty pubic hair development

The hair thickness, grow rate and types of pubic hair could be different in different countries, different families and different societies. In some girls all puberty changes take place in two years, and in others they can take as long as four years.

In puberty female ovaries start production of increased levels of sex hormones which are responsible for all body changes including development of pubic hair. Usually in healthy girls sex hormones control all puberty changes, and same hormones cause not only physical body changes but also some emotional changes.

Pubic hair development – Stage 1

Pre-pubertal stage – typically age 10 and younger. Pubic hairs are almost not visible (very thin, fine and delicate).

Pubic hair development stages

Pubic hair development – Stage 2

Age 10-11.5 – First signs for pubic hair beginning to grow. Pubic hairs are starting grow slowly – small amount of long, downy hair with slight pigmentation on the labia majora.

Pubic hair development – Stage 3

Age 11.5-13 – The pubic hairs are growing more visible and the quality of hairs are changed – becoming thicker, curly and darker.
Pubic hair hair becomes more coarse and begins to extend laterally.

Pubic hair development – Stage 4

Age 13-15 – The pubic hairs are growing faster, becoming thicker  and already forming sexual pubic triangle. Adult-like hair quality, extending across pubic area but sparing medial thighs.

Pubic hair development – Stage 5

Pubic hair growth enters final stage – age 15 and more. Adult pubic hair is thick, sometimes curly and the pubic triangle is easily recognized – hair extends to medial surface of the thighs.

After puberty many girls start following pubic hair fashion and easily can choose the favorite pubic hair styles.

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