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Pubic hair cream

Pubic hair hygiene is very important especially for women. Modern swimming suits, underwear, bikini and sexy cloths require special pubic hair care and/or design. There are many ways to get rid of pubic hair safe and easy. But many women prefer pubic hair cream which is easy to use, very fast and can be used during bath and/or shower.

According to cosmetology and beauty salon terminology, the pubic hair removal creams called “depilatory creams”. In general, pubic hair cream contains chemicals that can break down hairs and make hairs soft.  There are different types of pubic hair creams – cheap or expensive, strong or weak, for sensitive skin or normal skin, with perfume smell or without smell.

Pubic hair cream

Pubic hair cream works well even in cases of sensitive skin. After using the pubic hair cream you can feel soft skin. No side effects – no nicks, razor burns, bumps or ingrown hair. Pubic hair cream is well known as very comfortable painless method for pubic hair removal and/or design.
In principle all pubic hair creams are easy to use and don’t have side effects in most cases. With pubic hair cream you can simply wash away your pubic hair and easily maintain the pubic area hygiene.

It is important to know that not all hair removal creams can be used for pubic hair. Always read instructions carefully.


First, test the selected pubic cream for avoiding any allergic reactions. Just apply a small portion of the cream on limited patch of pubic hair and observe the reaction after 5 minutes – pay special attention to itching, redness and local irritation.

Apply the cream on your pubic area – distribute the cream evenly. Don’t forget to wash your hands after. Never rub the cream onto pubic skin. Leave the cream for 6-10 minutes.

After 6-10 minutes you will notice darker color of your pubic hairs; at the same time you can notice more curly hairs. Mentioned symptoms indicate the end of second step. Now you can scrape the cream out along with the destroyed hairs by using the provided spatula.

Wash pubic area off with warm water and/or shower. After washing the skin should be well dried.

Step additional
If you are not experienced and you notice some patches of pubic hair are left, you can apply the pubic hair cream only to those areas.

The popularity of pubic hair cream can be explained by the method itself – very easy and fast with good results.

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