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Pubic hair color

Modern pubic hair hygiene includes not only trimming and waxing but sometimes also designed coloring. It is not easy to develop personal pubic hair style but with some coloring it is becoming much easier. Pubic hair color could play a special role in women sexy life.

About pubic hair color

Pubic hair color is a fashion tool women are using to design the bikini area. Pubic hair color can be used for matching hair on the head. Pubic hair color can be also used for funny pubic hair personalized styles.

Betty Beauty pubic hair colors offer a variety of products to groom and style your pubic hair. During last decade thousands of women used Betty Beauty and proved that it is perfectly safe to use and have no side effects. The bikini hair dye has a special no-drip formula and it is specifically developed for sensitive skin, protecting the sensitive area. Betty Beauty products are made with natural ingredients and do not contain harsh chemicals.

Pubic hair color

Pubic hair color can be used for covering grey hairs or for enhancing bikini waxing design or for designing personalized pubic area style.

If you decided to change your life, to change your style and look, don’t forget about your pubic hair colored style.

Pubic hair color advantages & disadvantages


  • Sexy and Easy to use;
  • Funny for personal pubic hair style development;
  • Can be used for matching hair color everywhere (head hair/pubic hair);
  • Covers gray pubic hair;
  • Different colors can be used at the same time;
  • Give freedom of fantasy for pubic hair designs.


  • Need private room and private time (about 50-60 minutes);
  • Additional extra time is needed for first step lightening before coloring (about 20-30 minutes);
  • Pubic hair color has unpleasant smell (during the application).

Who invented pubic hair color?

Nancy Jarecki

Nancy Jarecki story

Nancy Jarecki founded Betty Beauty with bikini hair dye.

Once sitting in a hair salon in Rome she discovered that salon staff was providing a small portion of hair color to clients after finishing the hair job. Women were pleased taking home these small packages of the color. The question was why they need it? After speaking with Rome hair salon staff, Nancy Jarecki discovered that small color packages were for pubic hair to make it match – it was personalized home coloring kit for pubic hair.

“Obviously, all blondes in the world want to be true blondes. Redheads and dark-haired women, their natural true color, too. I couldn’t get the idea out of my mind”.

Back in New York, Nancy Jarecki discussed the issue with her friend gynecologist and discovered that the color of pubic hair almost never match the hair color on their heads.

Modern fashionable sexy women, who spent time and lots of money getting their hair color just right, had no solution for coloring the pubic hair.

It was genius idea! – To develop safe pubic hair colors which could be used for matching as well as for funny pubic hair designs!

Pubic hair color possibilities

Color options – Auburn, Black, Bright Orange (sun burst), Brown, Blonde, Hot Pink (funny), Violet (sexy), Pink and Malibu (Aqua Blue).

Pubic hair color selection

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