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Pubic design

Modern sexy young women know very well that pubic design is an important part of women personality, sexuality and attraction.

What is included in pubic design? It is:


Pubic design

Nowadays the pubic hair styles are becoming as important as clothes style and/or hair style. If you take care of it, the pubic hair style becomes part of your personality and your body style. It is a way of expressing yourself that makes you feel daring and just a little bit secretive.

The pubic hair styles can be done in many different ways. In last century most women were happy with letting pubic hair just grow free. Nowadays more people want to add a little spice to an area that was rarely even talked about. Some of the more main stream pubic hair shaven styles out there are the Landing strip, heart shape and triangle patch. Besides that, there are many others less main stream shaved pubic hair styles that are out there like the lightning bolt, diamond shape, or any other shape that you can imagine.

Pubic hair styles


Modern pubic hair hygiene includes not only trimming and waxing but sometimes also designed coloring. It is not easy to develop personal pubic hair style but with some coloring it is becoming much easier.

Pubic hair color is a fashion tool women are using to design the bikini area. Pubic hair color can be used for matching hair on the head. Pubic hair color can be also used for funny pubic hair personalized styles.

Betty Beauty pubic hair colors offer a variety of products to groom and style your pubic hair. During last decade thousands of women used Betty Beauty and proved that it is perfectly safe to use and have no side effects. The bikini hair dye has a special no-drip formula and it is specifically developed for sensitive skin, protecting the sensitive area. Betty Beauty products are made with natural ingredients and do not contain harsh chemicals.

Pubic color options – Auburn, Black, Bright Orange (sun burst), Brown, Blonde, Hot Pink (funny), Violet (sexy), Pink and Malibu (Aqua Blue).


Market is full of beautiful body crystals and jewels. The crystals and jewels could be an important part of pubic design and “pubic art”. Both crystals and jewels should be properly selected and applied on pubic skin carefully. Pubic crystals and jewels are making pubic area sexy and attractive.

Modern pubic crystals and jewels are easy to use and apply at home. In general, it is much easier to use the ready commercial crystals and jewels but you can also use different crystals and jewels for personal design. Be careful applying to freshly waxed or shaved skin because the adhesive could aggravate it.

It is recommended to keep pubic design on the top part of the pubic mons – area above clitoris up to the upper most hair line and not by the labia.


Pubic hair stencils are specifically designed and made for bikini waxing shapes (Brazilian waxing) they are creamed and placed on pubic area, so the wax doesn’t touch the hair underneath the stencil. If you do it correctly and gently, you will have your selected image remaining very clear.

Pubic tattoos are generally becoming more and more popular but still pubic tattoos are pretty rare. In principle the pubic tattoos are extremely intimate and can be very different. Many young women choose to get pubic tattoos (or tattoo stickers) placed just above the pubic area – as a symbol of their sexuality. Some loving couples prefer having same pubic tattoo stickers – a secret symbol of their love and belonging.

But always women have some additional beautiful component in their pubic design – crystals and/or jewels.

Pubic design

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