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Shave bikini area

Many women shave bikini area regularly and it is considered as a normal hygiene procedure. But how many girls and women know how to shave bikini area correctly? Shaving legs is not the same. For bikini area shave you need more patience and more experience as bikini area is very sensitive and delicate. Please discover some tips and recommendations for safe beautiful shave of your bikini area.

Before you start bikini shave, you need to prepare the following items:

Shave bikini area

  • Good quality modern razor
  • Pubic hair trimmer
  • Special shaving cream
  • Moisturizer
  • Special feminine powder
  • Clean dry tower or washcloth

Choose your pubic hair style

If you already prepared all needed items for bikini line shave, you can start.

Step 1
Use pubic hair trimmer for cutting long pubic hair. With pubic hair trimmer you can make different pubic hair styles and you can also to get the pubic hair very short. Pubic hair trimming is first very important step before bikini line shave. If you would not make pubic hair very short, bikini line shaving will be difficult and irritating.

Step 2
Take your warm shower and/or bath which will soften all pubic area hair. You can here apply selected good quality moisturizer to the hair to help the process and to allow the razor to glide along the skin.

Step 3
Shaving cream will help you to shave bikini line properly and smoothly. Try to use the razor only 1-2 times in each selected bikini line area – this gentle shaving will prevent bikini line irritations. After every razor movement it should be properly washed. You bikini line skin deserves very delicate razor movements.

Step 4
Once you finish bikini line shave, wash properly the area with soft small tower or washcloth. Good washing with plenty of water will prevent bikini line skin pores from clogging.

Step 5
Use your dry soft clean tower for drying and on absolutely dry bikini line skin apply the selected high quality powder.

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