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Bikini line

According to Wikipedia, the term “bikini line” is the imaginary line in a woman’s pubic region that delineates that part which would normally be covered by the bottom part of a swimsuit. In the context of waxing, it is generally understood to describe any pubic hair visible beyond the boundaries of a swimsuit.

Every woman knows how to look beautiful in summer bathing swimming suite and how to maintain the bikini line depending on the style of the swimming suite. And usually women choose the swimming suite based on women health (hiding unpleasant parts of the body), body shape, on pubic hair style and on natural bikini line.

Bikini line

There are two best methods to keeping bikini hair properly groomed at home:

BIKINI LINE Brazilian Waxing

Usually the hair in the bikini area tends to be coarse and thick, which is ideal for Brazilian waxing. It is important to note that during Brazilian waxing the bikini hair pulled out from the root and after waxing bikini hair grows back thinner and not fast.

Before waxing your bikini hair should be at least 1/4 inch (0.6 cm) long (not longer!) – trim bikini line hairs shorter prior to applying any wax.

Before waxing it would be recommended to keep bikini area as warm as possible (with cloths, heating bag) – warm temperature opens skin pores and makes removal of the hair easier and less painful.

Before waxing the skin on bikini line should be dry – better use paper tower which can absorb moisture.

Don’t worry if you have thick hair on bikini line. You need to know that every next time you do bikini line waxing, your hair will become thinner and sparser – it will make it easier to remove bikini hair every next time.

To avoid the waxing pain, it would be recommended to apply the baby talcum powder to the bikini line which you are planning to wax. Thanks to baby powder the wax sticks to the hair but not to your skin – it will reduce the waxing pain.

If your bikini area hairs are thick, removing them may cause some bleeding. To avoid any infections, clean the area with alcohol or with any antiseptic.

Intensive sport, hot bath, sauna and/or hot tubs are not recommended during one day after waxing. If you ignore this recommendation, you could have unpleasant irritation on bikini line.

If you already started waxing your bikini line, avoid shaving as shaving between waxing could provoke irritation, bumps and ingrown hairs (especially if you shaved very short hairs).

Prepare a small mirror which would be needed during waxing of your bikini line. You can place your mirror between legs for better observation and control.

Keep some oily tower or napkin for cleaning excess wax from surroundings. For oiling your napkin you can use any kitchen oil or simple baby oil.

The bikini area is very sensitive and waxing of the bikini line could be painful. You can wax your bikini line step by step (few sessions).

Some pre-epilation oil before waxing could reduce the pain.

If you have skin redness, irritation or other problems during your waxing, you can finish bikini waxing later – after 1-2 days. During these days the skin on bikini area will calm down.

Bikini zone shaving

Many women use shaving for bikini line maintenance. Although the shaving of the bikini area can be tricky, but with some experience the bikini shaving can be very convenient – easy, cheap, quick and painless.

Before bikini shaving it would be recommended to soften the hair on bikini line. It can be done with warm bath, warm shower and/or with moisture-rich shave gel (all to be done before bikini line shaving). It is best to shave your bikini line when you are in the shower to let your body get wet and softer.

If the bikini line hairs are long, trim them before shaving to about half an inch (1.3 cm) in length with scissors before showering.

Before shaving always apply shaving gel or shaving foam (better products developed for women).

For bikini shaving never use new razor which can develop irritation. Better use modern safe saving machines developed especially for very sensitive women body parts.

While standing, shave with long, slow, even strokes in the direction of hair growth. Shave as much off the Mons pubis as you like, and then rinse off your shaving gel. Repeat steps 3 – 5 if you missed any spots.

  • Always try to have smooth strokes – shave with horizontal strokes from the outside in – if you are shaving your left side, shave from left to right.
  • Irritation is a common side effect of bikini line shaving. It is recommended to shave the bikini line at least one day before needed day. If you are planning to visit a pool or beach, be aware that sun, salt and pool chlorine can easily trigger the irritation after shaving during 1-8 hours after shaving.
  • To prevent bikini area skin irritation, during shaving just keep the strokes as smooth and long as possible and try to use few strokes. Don’t forget to rinse your razor between strokes if it becomes clogged.
  • After shaving always apply the special soothing cream or gel to prevent ingrown hairs, itchy bumps and redness.
  • For preventing any after shaving irritation it would be recommended to use antibiotic cream or cortisone cream. Same creams could be used if any irritation already developed.

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