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Best hair removal method for bikini line

QUESTION – Summer is coming and most beautiful swimming suits request proper hair removal on bikini line. What is best hair removal method for bikini line?

Best hair removal method for bikini – answer from experts

Every woman knows how to look beautiful in summer bathing swimming suite and how to maintain the bikini line depending on the style of the swimming suite. And usually women choose the swimming suite based on women health (hiding unpleasant parts of the body), body shape, on pubic hair style and on natural bikini line.

The most important is how to remove unwanted hair from bikini line.

Hair removal on bikini line is very delicate and sometimes painful. There are several possible methods for hair removal on bikini line but the best is bikini line waxing which can fully remove all unwanted hair and make your bikini skin smooth and beautiful.

BIKINI LINE Brazilian Waxing

Usually the hair in the bikini area tends to be coarse and thick, which is ideal for Brazilian waxing. It is important to note that during Brazilian waxing the bikini hair pulled out from the root and after waxing bikini hair grows back thinner and not fast.

  Before waxing your bikini hair should be at least 1/4 inch (0.6 cm) long (not longer!) – trim bikini area hairs shorter prior to applying any wax.

  Before waxing it would be recommended to keep bikini area as warm as possible (with cloths, heating bag) – warm temperature opens skin pores and makes removal of the hair easier and less painful.

  Before waxing the skin on bikini area should be dry – better use paper tower which can absorb moisture.

  Don’t worry if you have thick hair on bikini area. You need to know that every next time you do bikini waxing, your hair will become thinner and sparser – it will make it easier to remove bikini hair every next time.

  To avoid the waxing pain, it would be recommended to apply the baby talcum powder to the bikini area which you are planning to wax. Thanks to baby powder the wax sticks to the hair but not to your skin – it will reduce the waxing pain.

  If your bikini area hairs are thick, removing them may cause some bleeding. To avoid any infections, clean the area with alcohol or with any antiseptic.

  Intensive sport, hot bath, sauna and/or hot tubs are not recommended during one day after waxing. If you ignore this recommendation, you could have unpleasant irritation on bikini area.

  If you already started waxing the line for bikini, avoid shaving as shaving between waxing could provoke irritation, bumps and ingrown hairs (especially if you shaved very short hairs).

  Prepare a small mirror which would be needed during waxing of your bikini line. You can place your mirror between legs for better observation and control.

  Keep some oily tower or napkin for cleaning excess wax from surroundings. For oiling your napkin you can use any kitchen oil or simple baby oil.

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