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Bikini pimples

Modern women need to have perfect glowing smooth and clean (hair-free) bikini line. In general, women use different methods for bikini hair removal and most common unpleasant side effect is bikini pimples which could be very disturbing (especially during summer holidays at seaside). Perfect bikini line is important part of women personal hygiene, sexuality and attraction. Everybody hates bikini pimples but not everybody knows why they appear, how to deal with it and how bikini pimples can be prevented.

Bikini pimples – types

Bikini pimples triggered by ingrown hair

Bikini line pimples can quickly become pretty embarrassing. In most cases bikini line pimples (bikini bumps) appear after regular shaving of bikini zone or bikini waxing. After bikini hair removal ingrown hairs can occur when the hair grows back or curls or grows sideways under sensitive skin. Ingrown hairs trigger irritation, sore, inflammation and redness combined with pain and discomfort.
During first few days after bikini hair removal you can apply moisturizers (hydrating body lotion). During second week you can start bikini skin exfoliation to ensure the hair comes out cleanly. After exfoliation it is necessary to apply hydrating cream.

Bikini pimples – cystic acne

Cystic acne is another type of bikini pimples that can appear on bikini line. Cystic acne is hard and painful bumps that develop deep within the bikini line skin and they can linger for several days and even weeks.
Affected zone should be treated immediately and properly with special medication which will reduce inflammation and will cut healing process.

Bikini bumps from skin growths

Sometimes skin aging results in local skin growths which appear as small rough bumps (skin tags) – they looked like clogged pores and can become thicker and larger.
Best solution is removal – cryosurgery or electrosurgery.

Get rid of bikini line pimples

Bikini pimples

Bikini bumps elimination can be fast and simple if you follow few recommendations:

Avoid bikini line shaving which often triggers ugly embarrassing bikini bumps. Try bikini hair removal creams or bikini waxing. Shaving razors usually open “gates” for bacteria which interfere into skin pores and cause irritation and inflammation (infected bikini pimples).

If you would like continue bikini line shaving, keep skin always very clean by using antibacterial soap daily. Bikini line should be properly washed before and after shaving.

If you have oily skin or if you cannot keep your bikini line dry, astringents (chemical compounds that tend to shrink and minimize skin pores and dry up oily skin) could be the best solution. Solutions with witch hazel and rosewater can be also considered as astringents. It is recommended applying astringent after skin cleansing but before moisturizing.

Alcohol based cleansing quality products also can be used for bacteria elimination on bikini line – it will help to rid of bikini pimples.

Hydrocortisone cream is perfect treatment of bikini pimples – it eliminates irritation and inflammation making bikini skin smooth and clean.

Bikini pimples – prevention

Daily bikini line washing and drying will keep bikini skin free from bacteria (potential cause of pimples). Use of special bikini soaps would be recommended.

If you shave regularly your bikini line, be sure that your razor is new, sharp and very clean.

After bikini line drying apply hydroxide moisturizer.

Bikini line can be scrubbed every 2 weeks for removing all dead skin cells.

Before bikini hair removal hot shower or bath are recommended which will open up skin pores and will ease hair removal.

Avoid ingrown hairs by removing unwanted hairs in correct direction. Shaving against the hair growth could trigger pimples on bikini area.

After hair removal, use soda application for keeping skin pores closed and reducing chances for bacteria intervention. Just mix one teaspoon of soda in small cup of water and apply it on bikini line after 5-10 minutes (post-removal).

Bikini shaving should not be done often – not earlier than 3-5 days. Bikini waxing can be done not earlier than 10-12 days (better 2 weeks).

Avoid synthetic underwear – choose cotton comfortable underwear which should be changed at least once a day after private hygiene.

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