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Perfect bikini line

Every woman is planning summer holidays and many women spend their summer time at seaside. Pretty sexy swimwear is very important but you cannot be beautiful in your swimming costume if you don’t have perfect bikini line (clean, smooth and hair-free). Bikini line skincare routine can be simple and easy but for some women it is a big problem (especially for women with dark thick hairs). How to have perfect bikini line? Best solution is to visit expensive beauty salon but most women prefer to take care of their intimate hygiene at home for more privacy and convenience. There are few bikini line hair removal methods:

Perfect bikini line

Perfect bikini line – waxing

Bikini waxing is very popular for several reasons:

  • It is not expensive (if performed at home),
  • Bikini waxing provides smooth, sexy, clean and hair-free bikini line for long period of time (about 4-7 weeks).
  • Correctly performed bikini waxing does not cause any itching, irritation, redness and/or ingrown hair.
  • Bikini waxing can be used not only for bikini line but also for large pubic area for making special personalized pubic hair styles.

Before you start bikini waxing, it is recommended to do a patch test to make sure that you are not allergic to the selected product. Next, you should trim hairs up to 0.5-0.6 cm (not less, not more). Bath or shower before waxing will help you to exfoliate and clean bikini line from dirt and sweat. Some women apply baby powder or body powder on the skin so the wax just attaches to the hair and not the skin.

Cold wax strips must be warmed up first (see instruction). Next you should place wax strips on the bikini line and press the wax down onto the hair. It is recommended to hold the skin taught, grip the wax strip and tug quickly against the direction of hair growth. After waxing, you can wipe the area. Any remained hairs can always be tackled with tweezers. Post-waxing cream or gel will help soothe the skin. After 1-2 days exfoliate gently the waxed zone – it will reduce risks of ingrown hairs and ugly bikini bumps.

Perfect bikini line – bikini creams

Bikini creams (bikini depilatory creams) are also very popular because it is easy to use, very fast, painless and can be used during bath and/or shower (without any special preparations). In general, bikini line creams contain chemicals that can break down hairs and make hairs soft. There are different types of bikini creams – cheap or expensive, strong or weak, for sensitive skin or normal skin, with perfume smell or without smell.

Bikini hair removal creams are well known as very comfortable and painless hair removal substances – with bikini cream you can simply wash away your bikini hairs and easily maintain the hygiene and beauty of your bikini line.

It is important to know that not all hair removal creams can be used for bikini line. Always read instructions carefully.

Every woman should choose the right bikini creams according to her skin sensitivity, strength and color of bikini hairs. Correctly selected bikini cream will remove all unwanted hairs without any irritation and itching.

Perfect bikini line – shaving

Many women shave bikini line and pubis hairs regularly and consider it as normal routine hygiene procedure. Actually bikini shaving is the most simple and painless method for hair removal. If bikini shaving will be performed correctly, you can avoid bikini razor bumps and rough skin.

Best shaving results you can have if unwanted hairs are about 0.5-0.6 cm (not longer, not shorter). This is why sometimes you would need trimming before shaving. Next, take warm bath or shower to soften pubic/bikini hairs and skin. Apply special shaving moisturizing cream onto the areas of skin along your bikini line and wait for few minutes while cream is expanding and binding to the hairs and skin. It is recommended to apply shaving cream in the opposite direction than the hair grows. Start shaving with short downward strokes in the same direction of hair grows. Rinse the razor blade off thoroughly after every 1-2 strokes for optimal results. You can apply more shaving cream if needed during the shaving process.

Once you finish bikini shaving, wash off the remaining shaving cream and hairs. Dry the skin carefully but gently. Apply any post-shaving oily cream or baby oil or post-shaving gel on newly-shaven areas of skin – it will prevent irritation and post-shaving itching.

Perfect bikini line – laser

Nowadays modern technologies found pretty effective solutions for bikini hair removal. Laser hair removal is a growing trend in unwanted hair elimination (especially in bikini zone). Unfortunately laser equipment can be expensive for many women but it is going to be the most comfortable and effective hair removal method in close future.

Laser hair removal has several advantages:

  • Best effective permanent hair removal (about 95% users achieve permanent hair removal after 3-5 sessions;
  • Very precise method of permanent hair removal;
  • Best speed for permanent hair removal.

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