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Bikini line shaving steps

Women bikini line should be always perfectly taken care especially during summer time. Pubic hair style should be chosen by every woman and on-going grooming is needed for keeping your personal pubic hair style. Women use different methods but bikini line shaving is the most popular – it is fast, can be done any time in your bathroom, inexpensive, efficient and painless. It is very important to respect bikini line shaving rules for avoiding side effects such as bumps, redness and skin irritation. With simple preparations, correctly selected razor, routine knowledge how to do it properly (step by step) and easy after care, tour bikini line will be dolphin-like smooth.

Depending on your lifestyle, hair growing speed, swimming costume design and your habits, you would need to do bikini line shaving every week or every 2 weeks or every month. It is up to you to decide when to perform next bikini line shaving.

Bikini line shaving – step 1 – choose the razor

When time comes for razor selection, you should not think about saving – better to choose the best razor. Picking the right razor is the first important step – high quality razor will keep your bikini line smooth and clean (best condition you need). Choosing firm, sturdy razor with soothing strips will help you during delicate shaving. Razor should be new with sharp blades and designed for sensitive skin. Dull razor can cause chafing, ingrown hairs and bikini bumps.

Some experts recommend using men razors which are better for stubborn bikini hair. Better to avoid one blade razors – best are razors with 3-4 blades which can get a closer cut.

Bikini line shaving – step 2 – bikini zone preparation

How much hair you decided to remove from pubic area? Did you choose your pubic hair style and hair removal zone? Usually it includes hair on your upper thighs, around the groin and below the belly button. Try your underwear and swimming costume in front of mirror – it will help you to decided hair removing area. Once decision is made, trim hair up to 0.5-0.6 cm – it will make easier smooth bikini line shaving.

Next, take hot shower or bath for softening your skin and hair – it also will make easier bikini shaving. Additional skin exfoliation will prevent ingrown hairs and bikini bumps. Best time for shaving is just after shower or bath.

If you decided to start shaving without shower or bath, you need to moister the skin with hot shampooed washcloth. Never avoid preparation step because it could trigger irritation and razor burn.

Bikini line shaving – step 3 – skin creaming

Bikini line creaming is another important step which is necessary for creating enough slip. It is essential to make hairs and the skin underneath well lubricated before starting bikini line shaving. High quality shaving gel or oily soap or shaving cream will insure the proper buffer for your razor. Without creaming the skin will be irritated. Apply thin layer on the area that needs to be shaved (skin and hair shaft underneath should be visible).

Bikini line shaving – step 4 – shaving recommendation

You can start shaving from any zone (whatever is convenient). Better to keep shaving in the same direction of hair growth – shave always with the grain, not against it. This type of shaving will prevent skin irritation. You can hold the skin while shaving. While shaving, some additional shaving cream can be applied for making the process smoother. The more blades used, the fewer times you would need re-shaving on same area. You can rinse all away as much as you need. Avoid over-shaving.

After shaving the skin should be exfoliated for getting rid of dead skin cells – it will prevent irritation, ingrown hairs and bikini bumps.

Shaving against the hair growth could trigger bumps on bikini area.

Bikini line shaving – step 5 – post-shaving

Post-shaving rinse should be done immediately. Skin irritation can be prevented by cold compress applied for 10-15 minutes.

Women with sensitive skin can use post-shaving medicated cream which will prevent irritation and bikini bumps.

Bikini line shaving

Bikini line shaving – step 6 – moisture

Post-shaving hydration and moisture during few days are important for skin health. Avoid heavy creams which can clog skin pores. Better to use natural products such as aloe vera gel, tea tree oil, coconut oil, argan oil or jojoba oil.

Bikini line shaving – step 7 – ending

After every shaving follow some hygienic procedures such as razor cleaning, blades sanitation with alcohol and hot water. Keep all shaving products clean and dry for next time.

Wear cotton dry underwear. During few hours avoid tight clothing. If it is already sleeping time, sleep naked.

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