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Client rights – medical services

Every time you visit your doctor or specializes gynecologist, you should expect certain quality of services and certain client rights. Nowadays all medical services are well paid (by private people or by health insurances) and every woman deserve good quality of services.

When providing services to youth and women, all medical agencies (governmental and private) always should ensure the protection of client rights – most commonly in areas of non-discrimination, acceptance or refusal of services, ethical treatment, confidentiality, and grievance procedures.

Different countries with different levels of development and with different budgets and types of health insurances should have at least minimum criteria for medical services.

It is always useful to know about your rights before visiting your doctor.

Client Right for Information

Client Rights for Information

Clients have a right to accurate, appropriate, understandable, and unambiguous information related to reproductive health and sexuality, and to health overall. Educational materials for clients need to be available in all parts of the health care facility.


Client Right for Access to services

Client Rights for Access to services

Services must be affordable, available at times and places convenient to clients, without physical barriers to the health care facility, without inappropriate eligibility requirements for services, and without social barriers, including discrimination based on gender, age, marital status, fertility, nationality or ethnicity, social class, caste or sexual orientation.


Client Right for Informed choice

Client Rights for Informed choice

A voluntary, well-considered decision that an individual makes on the basis of options, information and understanding. The process is a continuum that begins in the community, where people get information even before coming to a facility for services. It is the provider’s responsibility to either confirm, or help the client reach an informed choice.


Client Right for Safe services

Client Rights for Safe services

Safe services require skilled providers, attention to infection prevention, and appropriate and effective medical practices. This right also refers to proper use of service delivery guidelines, quality assurance mechanisms within the facility, counseling and instructions for clients, and recognition and management of complications related to medical and surgical procedures.


Client Right for Privacy and confidentiality

Client Rights for Privacy and confidentiality

Clients have a right to privacy and confidentiality during delivery of services, for example, during counseling and physical examinations, and in staff’s handling of their medical records and other personal information.


Client Right for Dignity, comfort and expression of opinion

Client Rights for Dignity, comfort and expression of opinion

All clients have the right to be treated with respect and consideration. Providers need to ensure that clients are as comfortable as possible during procedures. Clients should be encouraged to express their views freely, also when their views differ from those of service providers.


Client Right for Continuity of care

Client Rights for Continuity of care

All clients have a right to continuity of services and supplies, follow-up and referral.

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