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Hot flashes natural remedies

Hot flashes are most common menopause symptom and most disturbing one. Hot flashes are results of reduced levels of estrogens and rapid changes in the blood vessels – vessels dilate, or widen, suddenly and blood rushes toward the skin, heating the body. Hot flashes are not easy to handle especially if hot flashes are combined with night sweats.

Different women could have different types of hot flashes. Light hot flashes can be unpleasant but they don’t interfere in women life activities and could be easily handled and/or treated. Moderate flushing could bother women at work or while sleeping but does not interfere with personal abilities to function. Severe flushing will keep you from completing daily tasks or interrupt night sleep badly enough to interfere with personal abilities to function.

At present time several medications can treat menopause hot flashes but all medications have several side effects. Natural remedies are recognized as best ingredients for hot flash management.

Hot Flashes Natural Remedies

Soy productsSoy products are rich in plant estrogens. Good example is isoflavones which have estrogen-like effects that may reduce hot flashes.
Daily soy foods could be recommended during hot flashes.
Black cohoshNatural remedies’ experts suggest that black cohosh could be helpful for treating hot flashes and night sweats.
Some women mentioned side effect such as gastrointestinal upset.
Evening primrose oilEvening primrose oil is used for menopause hot flashes. It is not recommended to use other medications with evening primrose oil.
FlaxseedFlaxseed is well known as natural product which can decrease menopause symptoms especially hot flashes. This product is also known as linseed. Flaxseed is available in both whole seed and seed oil forms.

 Important recommendations for HOT FLASHES

Your wardrobe
Proper cloths can be very useful during hot flashes. Most effective way to cope with hot flashes is to dress properly – 1) layer your clothing so you can shed a sweater or suit coat when you feel the heat; 2) make your outer layers easy to remove.
In general, layers of loose clothing, such as blouses that button down the front, are better than turtlenecks, which can leave you trapped in a flash. If you plan your wardrobe right, you can use your layers to control your body temperature like a thermostat.

Personal Fan
During hot flashes women need to cool down. Many women carry personal hand fan which can be used easily in any situation (at friends, in the office, at home). At present time modern battery-powered fans are designed in very pleasant models and women can silently direct fresh air stream for cooling. Small hand fan can be a good friend of menopausal women and can insure the relief during hot flashes.
It is very important to keep yourself comfortable and cool during hot flashes. Just do it with simple cute hand fans.

For Night Sweats
The most unpleasant symptom of menopause is hot flashes combined with night sweats – when hot flashes strike at night, they can be particularly bothersome. Many menopausal women wake up because of the chill. During the flash, you kicked off the covers, and now that it has passed, you wake up cold with your pajamas and pillow damp.
It could help if you keep clean dry cotton T-shirt next to the bed to replace a damp top – it can help you to return to quite sleep easily. Extra pillow with a cotton pillowcase is also recommended next to your bed which can help you switch pillows easily at night.
Cotton is well known best fabric for night pajama, T-shirts and pillowcase – the cotton is absorbing sweat easily and drying also very fast.

Room temperature
Rom temperature is very important for women suffering from hot flashes (especially room temperature during night sleep!). It is recommended to set the thermostat at home and in the office at lower cool temperature which will reduce strength of hot flashes – if the room air temperature is cool enough, your body’s surface heat will dissipate more quickly, and the flash may pass without too much discomfort.
Many people at night keep the thermostat low but for menopausal woman with hot flashes this practice is essential. Many women simply turn the heat off. A cool room temperature will allow you to kick off the covers and recover quickly from a nighttime hot flashes.

Hot Flashes

Summer hot flashes
Hot flashes are bad enough on their own but hot flashes could be terrible and unbearable during summer time especially in south countries. Better to think about it in advance and buy air conditioner before summer as well as personal fan.
Don’t forget to take care of your summer dresses which should be made from cotton, should be comfortable and easy to change and/or remove (if needed during hot flashes).

Hot Flash Triggers
Several things can trigger hot flashes during menopause including stress, climate changes, spice food, medications, alcohol, nicotine, caffeine, fatty foods, chocolate, certain kinds of cheese, certain flavorings, etc. Each woman should identify her personal triggers for hot flashes and try to avoid all triggering components.
Stressful situations (especially long-term stresses) and sleep deprivation can aggravate flashes, which is a problem, since sleep deprivation can also result from hot flashes, creating a vicious cycle.
Each menopausal woman should avoid any “hot activities” such as doing the laundry, ironing, hot baths, etc.

Relaxation is known as an important technique for managing menopausal hot intensive flashes. It is well known that calm relaxed women have less hot night flashes. Try to relax! Each woman can choose the best relaxation activity – walking, reading, swimming, aerobics, listening music, singing, etc.

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