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Bartholin cyst natural remedies

Bartholin cyst natural remedies – QUESTION

Women health doctor (gynecologist) recommended surgery – Bartholin cyst removal but I would like to try some natural remedies. What are natural remedies for Bartholin cyst?

Bartholin cyst natural remedies – ANSWER from experts

Usually Bartholin cyst removal is recommended in cases of infected Bartholin cyst (abscess). First of all – if you already have the Bartholin cyst abscess with high temperature and strong pain, better even don’t try any natural remedies.

Main treatment for Bartholin’s cysts include a good drainage. Home natural remedies (treatment) of Bartholin’s cyst include so called “sitz baths” which promote drainage of infected fluids.

Bartholin cyst bath

Special sitz bath basins are available but the simplest method is to sit in the bathtub in a few inches of warm water. The water should not be so hot as to burn the skin but should be fairly warm. These soaks should be done for 10-15 minutes at a time, 3-4 times daily. This treatment is frequently all that is needed for Bartholin’s cyst.

Bartholin abscesses often require special drainage which can be done only by your gynecologist.

Recurrent Bartholin’s cysts can be treated with antibiotics and sitz baths. If this clears up the infection, the surgical treatment (called marsupialization) can be temporary avoided.

Best recommendation for women who had Bartholin’s cyst would be PREVENTION strategy.

Bartholin cyst prevention

  • Insure your safe sex as sexually transmitted infections (chlamydia, gonorrhea and other bacteria) are the main cause of Bartholin’s cyst;
  • Check if you have vaginal infection (using home screening kits – see above);
  • Keep vagina clean and healthy. Take care of your vaginal hygiene and use special products;
  • Always avoid vaginal odor (vaginal infections).


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