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Bartholin Cyst removal


I have irregular periods and I already had removal of the ovarian cyst. I already have several women health problems. Presently Ihave infected Bartholin cyst which should be removed. How Bartholin Cyst removal should be done?

ANSWER from experts

In most cases the Bartholin cyst removal will be recommended if you have infected Bartholin cyst and/or Bartholin abscess. Usually women with infected Bartholin cyst seek emergency care because of acute pain. Women who are experiencing severe pain or who cannot sit or walk comfortably should see a doctor as soon as possible. Although symptoms such as high fever and abdominal pain usually are not caused by Bartholin abscess but surgical intervention is needed in most cases.

Surgical removal of the Bartholin cyst called “marsupialization”.

For large and painful infected Bartholin cyst (abscess) usually treatment includes the drainage. An abscess is an infection within an enclosed space and in most cases antibiotics do not adequately enter into the enclosed space. Therefore, treatment of an abscess almost always requires that the infection be drained.

During marsupialization of the infected Bartholin cyst the surgeon opens wide the wall of the abscess and allows the purulent exudates to drain. The membrane of the abscess is then sutured to the vaginal mucosa and to the skin of the introitus in order to effect granulation and re-epithelialization of the wound from the bottom of the abscess to the top.


The operation is fast. Hemostasis is not difficult and can be performed under local anesthesia.

Follow-up is very important after Bartholin cyst marsupialization – usually women who have had such a operation should have follow up visits after 24-48 hours for recheck and possible removal of packing material. In the meantime, sitz baths should be taken to continue drainage.

In most cases (about 90% cases) women will absolutely healthy after Bartholin cyst removal but sometimes women could have recurring swelling, pain, vaginal discharge and/or fever. In these cases women could visit their gynecologist as soon as possible.

Best recommendation for women who had Bartholin cyst would be PREVENTION strategy.

Bartholin cyst prevention

  • Insure your safe sex as sexually transmitted infections (chlamydia, gonorrhea and other bacteria) are the main cause of Bartholin cyst;
  • Check if you have vaginal infection (using home screening kits – see above);
  • Keep vagina clean and healthy. Take care of your vaginal hygiene and use special products;
  • Always avoid vaginal odor (vaginal infections).

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