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Breast cancer detecting bra

It is a story about Julian Rios Cantu, 18-year-old student from Mexico whose mother was battling with breast cancer. She had double mastectomy and family members (especially teenage son) were trying to find the way out from this dangerous disease. Julian Rios Cantu had very personal motivation for this project – he was only 13 when his mother nearly died after her breast cancer was not detected early. Inspired by his mother’s battle, Julian designed very special breast cancer detecting bra which can help to identify very early stages of breast cancer. Actually, this breast cancer detecting bra was developed in collaboration with three friends through his company Higia Technologies. After researching the illness and available diagnostic tests, Julian came up with new idea about breast cancer detecting bra and filed a patent. He was hoping to help millions of women as soon as possible.

Eventually Julian Rios Cantu has won top prize at the Global Student Entrepreneur Awards (GSEA) for his exceptional achievements.

Invented bra known as “EVA” was developed primarily for women with genetic predisposition to breast cancer. Equipped with around 200 biosensors, the bra maps the surface of the breast and is able to monitor changes in temperature, shape and weight.

Breast cancer detecting bra – how does it work

Breast cancer detecting bra

It is well known that cancerous tumors usually surrounded by intensive additional vascularization which is necessary for tumor growth and spread (metastasis). Actually, blood vessels feed cancer. In most cases increased vascularization changes local temperature which can be identifies by special sensors – biosensors are able to determine thermal conductivity by specific zones. Scientists know that increased vascularization and increased heat can indicate increased blood flow which means increased and activated blood vessels feed cancer. Based on this phenomenon several cancer diagnostic tests were developed.

According to Julian, women using the EVA bra would need to wear it for 60-90 minutes a week to get accurate measurements. EVA bra is a type of early warning system for breast cancer symptoms.

Julian Rios Cantu

When I was 13 years old, my mother was diagnosed for the second time with breast cancer. Tumor went from having the dimensions of a grain of rice to that of a golf ball in less than six months. The diagnosis came too late and my mother lost both of her breasts and, almost, her life.
EVA is a network of biosensors that covers the woman’s breast, takes the temperature data, analyses them and sends the information to an application or any computer. Breast cancer detecting bra doesn’t have to be worn more than one hour a week.
Julian Rios Cantu

It should be mentioned that breast cancer detecting bra was not fully tested yet – this bra needs medical trials before oncologists start recommending it for early breast cancer diagnosis.

Breast cancer early symptoms

Finding breast cancer at an early stage can increase dramatically the effectiveness of treatment as well as the survival rate. Every woman should use breast self-exam regularly and every woman should know all possible early breast cancer symptoms:

  • Breast skin changes – “orange skin” (looks like orange skin), skin rash around the nipple or on isolated area, puckering or thickening skin zone, skin turned dark and appears bruised;
  • Nipple changes – milky or bloody nipple discharge, changes in nipple appearance (especially inverted nipple), increased sensitivity of one side nipple;
  • Armpit pain – pain and/or lump in armpit;
  • Breast rashes – red and heavy swollen breast with rashes and combined with burning sensation;
  • Breast shape and size changes – one side specific changes could be warning signs because growing breast lump or tumor always changes breast shape and/or breast size;
  • Sore breast – breast becomes red and sore at the touch, one side hot sore and irritated breast can be a sign of inflammatory breast cancer;
  • Breast veins – sometimes (rare) breast cancer (tumor) blocks blood vessels which become more visible.

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