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Breast cancer hidden signs

Cancer is the second leading killer after heart disease. Breast cancer is the most common type of cancer in women – every VI-VIII woman suffers from breast cancer. Modern medicine can treat breast cancer very successfully MOSTLY if breast cancer is diagnosed at very early stages. It is very important to know breast cancer hidden signs.

Sometimes visible symptoms of breast cancer are appearing pretty late when cancerous cells are already spread and treatment becomes complicated. Early breast cancer identification can insure not only effective treatment but also high survival rates.

Every woman can notice several breast cancer hidden signs.

Breast cancer hidden signs – breast skin changes

Special attention should be paid to breast skin texture changes such as a patch of skin that feels grainy or has a similar appearance to the skin of an orange peel (so called “orange skin”). Skin rash around the nipple or on isolated area of breast that starts puckering or thickening are warning signs of breast cancer.

It would be a good idea to look at your breasts in mirror regularly – breast skin texture should be smooth to the touch in all areas.

Breast cancer hidden signs – nipple changes

Breast cancer hidden signs

Nipple is very sensitive part of women breasts. Healthy breasts should not have any discharge. Any milky or bloody nipple discharge should be considered as a hidden sign of breast cancer. Changes in nipple appearance (especially combined with nipple rash or itching) are another cancer warning sign.

Most alarming is suddenly appeared inverted or flatter than normally nipple (especially if it appeared on one side). Increased sensitivity of one side nipple also should be considered as a warning.

Very specific type of breast cancer known as “Paget’s disease” has very typical symptoms including nipple rash or itch, “eczema-like” nipple.

Breast cancer hidden signs – armpit pain

Pain in the armpit (underneath of arm) should be considered as a sign of breast cancer development. In some cases self-palpation can discover lump in armpit. It is strongly recommended to visit your doctor if you suffer from armpit pain.

Breast cancer hidden signs – breast rashes

Red and heavy swollen breast with rashes is another warning sign. These symptoms can be caused by breast infection or inflammatory aggressive breast cancer. If your breast skin turns dark and appears bruised combined with burning sensation, you better visit your doctor as soon as possible.

Breast cancer hidden signs – breast shape and size changes

Breast shapes and sizes can be changed during women life. But one side specific changes could be warning signs. If your breast size changes are unusual and are not connected with your menstrual cycle – better to make the mammography.

Growing breast lump or tumor always changes breast shape and/or breast size. Every woman can easily discover these changes.

Breast cancer hidden signs – sore breasts

In most cases sore breasts are no dangerous but sometimes hot sore and irritated breast can be a sign of inflammatory breast cancer. This is the only type of breast cancer that is going to cause a woman’s breast to become red and sore at the touch.

Breast cancer hidden signs – breast veins

Sometimes breast cancer (tumor) block blood vessels and vessels become more visible. It does not mean that visible breast vessels should be considered as a breast cancer sign. But it is always better to check with your doctor.

Breast cancer hidden signs – upper back pain

According to health experts, the upper back pain could appear before typical symptoms of breast cancer. The pain usually occurs between the shoulder blades.

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