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Brown discharge pregnancy

Pregnancy is a very special period of life. During pregnancy women experience several changes including dramatic hormonal transformations, body changes, emotional swings and unusual symptoms. Vaginal discharge changes during pregnancy include increased volume and specific coloring. Some pregnant women experience brown vaginal discharge during different trimesters of pregnancy. Brown discharge pregnancy is common situation and could be harmless but it could trigger panic and it could be disconcerting.

Brown discharge during pregnancy could be a symptom of several body transformations but it also could be a symptom of some dangerous conditions. It is well known that during pregnancy blood circulation is increased in uterus and cervix. This makes cervical zone more sensitive and fragile. Any simple trauma or infection can trigger bloody or brown discharge.

Brown discharge pregnancy – what it could mean

In general, brown vaginal discharge is old blood (oxidized blood) spotting. Few factors (pelvic exam, cervical tests or intercourse) can irritate cervix and aggravate this type of vaginal discharge during pregnancy. Sometimes brown discharge could appear just before giving birth. Unfortunately sometimes brown discharge during pregnancy could be a sign of vaginal infections (including sexually transmitted diseases), miscarriage, ectopic pregnancy and even cancerous transformations.

Brown discharge pregnancy – possible causes

Brown discharge pregnancy

Implantation bleeding
Implantation bleeding could appear on average between 6 to 12 days after ovulation (on average 9 days after ovulation). Implantation bleeding occurs at the time the fertilized egg implants in the uterus and it usually lasts 1-2 days only.

Vaginal trauma
Any simple vaginal trauma during pregnancy such as gynecologic examination, cervical tests or intercourse could cause bloody or brown discharge. It can be explained by increased intensive blood circulaltion in cervical zone during pregnancy.

Miscarriage could start from cramping and brown discharge. When pregnancy development experience problems or embryo stop growing, women could experience pinkish or brown discharge. In these cases emergency medical care is needed.

Ectopic pregnancy
Ectopic pregnancy in Fallopian tubes cannot have normal development and at certain moment it stops. It can lead to brown vaginal discharge due to the internal hemorrhage combined by dizziness, severe pain, abdominal cramps and anemia. Emergency services are absolutely necessary.

Cervical polyp
Many women could have polyp on cervix but during pregnancy usually polyps are growing and they could trigger frequent brown discharge.

Sign of labor starting
During last week of pregnancy (few days before giving birth) women could notice coming out so called pre-labor mucous plug that seals off the opening of the cervix during pregnancy. It could be combined with brown discharge and it usually indicate forthcoming labor contractions.

Molar pregnancy
Molar pregnancy means abnormal pregnancy development when tissue that normally becomes a fetus instead becomes a growth in the uterus. Some molar pregnancies lead to gestational trophoblastic disease. Molar pregnancy should be treated urgently because untreated molar pregnancy can be transformed into trophoblastic disease which can turn into cancer and even can be spread to other parts of the body.

Brown discharge pregnancy – harmless recommendations

Avoid vaginal trauma
It would be recommended to avoid vaginal procedures and cervical tests which can be postponed for after delivery period. Gentle and not very frequent sexual contacts also can prevent certain problems.

Make priority daily vaginal hygiene
Vaginal hygiene is crucial during pregnancy. Keep genital zone clean and dry. Cotton ” breathing” underwear would be recommended. Avoid scented and perfumed soaps and hygiene products.

Reduce physical activities
Ordinary daily physical activities should be adapted to pregnancy. Intensive physical activities during pregnancy could trigger brown discharge.

Make rest and relaxation a part of your daily life
Regular daily rest and relaxation are important for normal pregnancy development. Even if you are very busy housewife or businesswoman, fix certain time for daily rest and relaxation. It is also crucial healthy non-stop night sleep. Pregnant women should follow sleep hygiene steps.

Avoid lifting heavy things
Let your partner to lift all heavy things. Never lift heavy goods during pregnancy.

Practice active lifestyle
Active lifestyle would be recommended during pregnancy but always keep your feet up whenever you are sitting during the day time. Active lifestyle include your routine work, walk in the park, some physical exercises, funny meetings or anything you like. Active lifestyle during pregnancy provides better blood circulation in the body and reduces chances for brown vaginal discharge.

Brown discharge pregnancy – medical care

As it was mentioned above, brown discharge during pregnancy sometimes can be harmless but sometimes it can be a symptom of several serious conditions. In all cases medical consultation and care would be recommended.

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