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Cancer causing foods

During last decades cancer became one of leading causes of human morbidity and mortality worldwide. Cancerous cells and cancerous tumors can spread (invade) into nearby tissues, can break off and travel through vessels or lymph system and form new cancerous tumors in other organs. Cancer is recognized as the second leading cause of death globally. According to health experts, during following two decades the total number of new cancer cases is expected to rise by 70%. Scientists are paying special attention to cancer risk factors – about 30-33% of deaths from cancer are due to five leading behavioral and dietary risks such as high body mass index (BMI), low fruit and vegetable intake, lack of physical activity, tobacco and alcohol use. It means at least one third of all cancer cases can be prevented. During last decades health experts identified cancer causing foods which should be excluded from daily diets. It was noted that regular consumption of certain foods can cause transformation of normal cells into pre-cancerous and cancerous cells (especially with aging).

In general, cancer risk factors can be divided into two categories – fixed risk factors (not possible to change) and modifiable risk factors (possible to change). Fixed cancer risk factors include genetic, aging and biological sex. Modifiable cancer risk factors include lifestyle, food consumption, work conditions, environment and used chemicals.

Dr Thomas A. Sellers

“As many as 70% of known causes of cancers are avoidable and related to lifestyle”
Dr Thomas A. Sellers, PhD, MPH, associate director for cancer prevention and control at Moffitt Cancer Center in Tampa, Florida, USA.

It means day to day dietary changes can influence cancer risks. Every person should know cancer causing foods and anticancer diet. Some foods contain carcinogens and could trigger cancer development.

Cancer causing foods – microwave popcorn

Microwave popcorn bags contain certain chemicals (carcinogens – PFOA and PFOS) which prevent oil from soaking through the packaging. In microwave heated chemicals leach into the popcorn. After consumption dangerous chemicals appear in bloodstream and reach all internal organs. According to scientists, mentioned chemicals have been associated with cancerous transformations in animals (liver, pancreas, testicles, mammary glands).

Popcorn itself is also not healthy. According to health experts, most of popcorn providers use soybean oil which is recognized as genetically modified organism (GMO). Some popcorn providers use also certain preservatives (propyl gallate) which can cause stomach problems.

Cancer causing foods – farmed fish

It is well known that fish is very healthy food full of Omega-3 fatty acids but unfortunately farmed fish contain higher levels of dangerous chemical pollutants than wild fish. Most of farmed fish contain cancer causing contaminants (pesticides, antibiotics, polychlorinated biphenyls and flame retardants) which can trigger cancer development.

Farmed fish is more susceptible to different disease and farmers are forced to use antibiotics, pesticides and other chemicals. Some studies suggest that farmed fish contain high levels of polychlorinated biphenyls, mercury and cancer causing dioxins.

Cancer causing foods – red meat

Cancer causing foods

Several health experts confirm that red meat increases cancer risks. At the same time, grass fed organic meat can even fight against certain types of cancer. In healthy diets it is strongly recommended keep red meat consumption to a minimum. Grilled meat can be more dangerous because contains carcinogens from burning of coal or wood. What we know about processed meats? It was confirmed that bacon, lunch meat, hot dogs and different types of sausages contain numerous chemicals and preservatives (including sodium nitrates) which can trigger cancer development. Thanks to mentioned chemicals all processed meat look appealing and fresh but is carcinogenic. Scientists noted that processed meat consumers increase cancer risks by 44%.

Cancer causing foods – hydrogenated oils

Hydrogenated oils (so called “trans- fats”) have certain chemical structure that has been altered to prevent products from going rusty (rancid). Hydrogenated oils mask products odor, change taste and extend products’ lifetime in shops. According to scientists, trans-fats cause cancer, heart disease, stroke, diabetes and trigger immune system problems. It is recommended to avoid hydrogenated oil and choose instead olive oil, coconut or palm oils.

Cancer causing foods – genetically modified organisms (GMOs)

Genetically modified organisms (GMOs) were invented as alternative to natural foods full of pesticides. GMOs were engineered to contain a toxin that kills bugs. GMOs are actually food-looking products which have been modified by chemicals and grown with chemicals (collection of dangerous chemicals). Several scientists demonstrated health risks of GMOs including risks for cancer development. GMOs independent testing has shown to cause rapid tumor growth in lab rats.

Dr. Arpad Pusztai

According to Dr. Arpad Pusztai from Rowett Institute in Scotland, experimental studies show danger of GMOs. Rats fed GMO foods showed damaged immune systems, pre-cancerous cell growths, along with smaller brains and livers, in just the first 10 days of the project. In 1998, Dr Pusztai expressed his concerns about GMOs on British television program and was promptly suspended and forced to retire from his position. His research was later peer reviewed and published in The Lancet, a leading British medical journal.

Cancer causing foods – sugar

According to scientists, cancerous cells have a voracious appetite for sugar – they thrive on sugar. Refined sugar is strongly linked to cancer – sugar can trigger cancerous transformations and sugar feeds existing cancer tumors. Unfortunately once cancer is already developed, cancerous cells depend on steady glucose availability in bloodstream.

Dr Otto Warburg

Sugar and cancer are chained in a death grip. According to Nobel Prize winner Dr Otto Warburg (1924), cancer cells generate energy in a way that differs from normal cells (in process called “glycolysis”). Scientist mentioned that the prime cause of cancer is the replacement of oxygen respiration in normal cells by fermentation of sugar.

Cancer causing foods – French fries and potato chips

It is well known that French fries and potato are considered as not healthy foods but still millions of people eat it pretty often. Why? Because people don’t know that mentioned foods can cause cancer.

Preparation of French fries and potato chips consider use of dangerous hydrogenated oils and salt. In addition, foods heated above certain temperature have high levels of acrylamide which increase cancer risks. In total, French fries and potato chips are full of hydrogenated oils, salt and acrylamide – all can cause cancerous transformations in human body.

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