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Cancer sniffing cats

Millions of people have cats and these cats already became family members. Few scientific studies show several advantages of having cat in the house:

Cat owners are smarter – IQ scores of cat owners appeared higher (most probably because intellectual people prefer cats but not dogs);

Cats help people to overcome sadness and stress – they are considered as a social and emotional support during difficult periods of life;

Cats are good for heart health – one study shows that cat owners have less chances (by 30%) to die from heart attack and stroke;

Cat can make life happier (especially for women) – having a cat in the house was considered as the emotional equivalent of having romantic partner.

In addition, there are hundreds of stories how cats detect health conditions in their owners and sometimes it saved lives. How do cats do this? We can call it mystery or sixth sense or chemical connections but it is important to know that cats can detect serious and dangerous diseases.

Cancer sniffing cats – studies, theories and examples

Some cats have an instinctive ability to detect owner’s cancer and they usually made their owners aware of the problem. In is important to mention that cancer sniffing cats can detect not only external easy detecting types of cancer (skin cancer, moles) but also internal types of cancer such as breast cancer, lung cancer, stomach cancer, etc.

Cancer sniffing cats

I read a story about woman with bruises on her breast. She noted that her calm sweet cat suddenly start jumping and making bruises in the area of her breast. She visited her doctor and early stage of breast cancer was diagnosed with following successful treatment. Actually cat saves her life!

Another story from UK’s Daily Mail about menopausal woman – her black-and-white kitten leapt up and sat on her right breast every night for two weeks while she lay on the sofa. She went to her doctor and was told she had a cancerous pea-sized lump in her breast, which could have metastasized if it hadn’t been discovered early and would have killed her if left not diagnosed.

Story from Canada is also absolutely amazing – the cat warned his owner that there was a soda can-sized tumor in his left lung by continuously pawing at the man’s side.

Dr David Dosa wrote an article for the “New England Journal of Medicine” as well as a book about a cat named Oscar who lived at a nursing home where the doctor worked. This cat was a typical house with incredible ability to predict which patients would die next. The theory behind how the cat knew who would be leaving this world next is that his superior olfactory sense allowed him to smell the subtle yet distinct odor of a body that is shutting down.

Actually cancer sniffing cats have saved several lives because they have an amazingly sensitive sense of smell which has 200 million scent receptors and is 14 times greater than a human.

Cats far and wide are being credited with alerting their owners to cancerous tumors. It is clear that cats could detect owners’ cancer but it is even more surprising that in the cases above the cancer sniffing cats not only detect the problem but then find a way to communicate it to their owner – to warn them about existing cancer.

Scientific studies devoted to cancer sniffing cats do not exist yet because cats are too unpredictable and not easy in training. Researchers need objective results based on clear experiments but cats are very difficult to control. But still scientists are looking for possible options and protocols for discovering cancer sniffing cats’ abilities.

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