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Stress and modern life

Nowadays stress is a common unpleasant component of our everyday modern life – we experience anxiety, tension, mental and emotional stresses in modern society. Our lifestyle and modern life are becoming pretty hectic – we are forced to work more, to solve more problems, to face increasing financial crisis, and on top we are facing several personal stresses including complicated relations, children problems, etc., etc.

How to avoid stress or at least to reduce stress factors? How to change our complicated lifestyle for self-protection?  What are main factors to be changed and/or improved in our lifestyle to prevent stress in our life?

It is well known that with several changes in our lifestyle the stress levels can be lowered, perceptions altered and stress responses improved. We can fight stress with lifestyle changes.

Did you even ask yourself – “How to spend free time?” Do you know that you should spend the effort to plan your weekends and evenings as carefully as your workdays and work hours? In long-term well organized leisure time is stress-relieving.

Don’t underestimate and don’t ignore the positive potential of hobbies, relaxations, holidays and occasional breaks as these give you the opportunity to wind down negative feelings and wind up positive ones. And remember that leisure activities should be well planned in advance – it will prevent useless stress, tension and worries.

Stress and modern life

Stress and modern life – Laugh

Maintain your sense of humor. Laugh at yourself everyday. Comedian D.L. Hughley once said “You have to laugh to keep from crying.” So true. Just smile and laugh.

Stress and modern life – Spend more time in your life to do what you enjoy

There are so many things you like but you did not have enough time to do. Just do it! Do anything you like! Any hobby, anything relaxing and enjoyable. Do something you enjoy like read a book, take a bath, or both! Spend time with your family, ride a bike… figure out what you have wanted to do and find time to do it.

Stress and modern life – Slow your life down

Stop always trying to be everything to everyone. Do everything slower – cook slower, drive slower, eat slower, etc. It will carry over into everything else in your life and you will feel less flustered.

Stress and modern life – Have enough sleep

Good sleep is very important. Your body needs time to heal and regenerate and lack of sleep will only make stress worse.

Stress and modern life – Eat properly

Proper nutrition can have a profound effect on stress reduction and how you feel. It also has a big effect on how well your body heals after a stressful event.

Stress and modern life – Be a little bit selfish

It is OK to be selfish and take some time for no one but you. If you take care of yourself, you will be better able to take care of all other responsibilities in your life.

Stress and modern life – Check your priorities

Try to priorities your activities. Are you focused on the right things in life? The things that really matter? Be honest with yourself. First do what is most important for you.

Stress and modern life – Listen to music

Music has fantastic influence at people and mood. This can be done whenever. Put music on and listen while cleaning the house. It helps tune out the rest of the world while getting something done. Listen your favorite music.

Stress and modern life – Reduce/eliminate sugar, caffeine, alcohol and drugs

You have heard this before, but it is true that these are bad for you. They make your stress worse. Healthy lifestyle is very important for stress reduction.

Stress and modern life – Change your outlook on life

One of the most drastic changes that can actually change your life is how you view things. In the bigger scheme this one stressful situation is meaningless. One year from now you will not even remember that deadline you failed to meet or the fight you got in with your friend. You are alive and well and can still go and do things you enjoy.

Stress and modern life – Adopt a pet

Studies have shown that owning a pet can help reduce stress and provide many other health benefits. Pets can give a lot of love and positive emotions.

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