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Thick white discharge

Vaginal discharge is normal and healthy because it cleans vagina and keeps it moist to prevent infections. Texture, color and volume of vaginal discharge may change from time to time. Women could experience thick white discharge during different periods of life, different phases of menstrual cycle and different trimesters of pregnancy. In many cases thick white discharge is perfectly normal (especially if it doesn’t have any unpleasant odor).

Thick white discharge and menstrual cycle

This type of vaginal discharge is common before menstrual period, as well as near the end of menstrual cycle. Thick white discharge could appear also just before ovulation (usually during 10-14 days of cycle) – ovulation discharge is more watery and elastic without any odor or itching. During ovulation progesterone levels are high, which causes the body to secrete more discharge than normal. Before ovulation the vagina produces 25-30 times more mucous – this is why women could experience thick white or milky discharge during 1-2 days in the middle of menstrual cycle.

Normal vaginal discharge during different phases of menstrual cycle doesn’t have any unpleasant odor, never combined with itching and never change color (it should stay white or transparent).

Thick white discharge during pregnancy

During pregnancy several hormonal changes could increase vaginal discharge – excessive amount of discharge is necessary for keeping vagina clean, healthy, moist and free from infections. Many pregnant women experience thick creamy white discharge in the early stages of pregnancy. Liquid quantities of vaginal discharge also could increase during pregnancy as vaginal glands produce more secrets.

Some women have thick white vaginal discharge also during third trimester of pregnancy. As long as the discharge is white or clear and odorless, it should be considered normal – it is just a way how body keeps vagina and cervix clean and healthy.

Thick white discharge and vaginal infections

Thick white discharge and vaginal infections

Thick white discharge and vaginal infections

Sometimes thick whitish (sometimes like cottage cheese) or yellowish or greenish vaginal discharge could be a symptom of vaginal infection (especially if it is combined with vaginal odor and itching).

Yellow grayish or green clumpy vaginal discharge could appear during bacterial vaginosis and the most typical for this infection is foul smell (fishy odor).

Like cottage cheese thick white discharge combined with vaginal itching is a sign of yeast infection.

You could have trichomoniasis if your vaginal discharge and is yellow-green in color with strong odor. Trichomoniasis could also trigger pain during urination and severe vaginal itching.

Any changes in vaginal discharge (consistency, color, odor, itchiness) could indicate vaginal infection.

Thick white discharge connected to sex

According to experts, sexual excitements could trigger excessive thick or liquid whitish vaginal discharge. It is considered as natural lubricant for sexual intercourse. Same hormones that responsible for sexual excitement are also responsible for vaginal secretion.

Sometimes women could experience thick white discharge after sex. There are few different reasons for this condition:

  • Natural vaginal lubrication supporting healthy intercourse;
  • Cervical mucus produced by body for supporting spermatozoids on their way up to the egg for fertilization;
  • Remains of male ejaculation – during sex without condoms creamy semen mixed with vaginal discharge could appear as thick white discharge.

Thick white discharge during stress

Some women mention this type of vaginal discharge during stress. Usually excessive vaginal discharge caused by stress is harmless – it can be triggered by hormonal fluctuations made by stress hormones.

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