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Top 5 stress solutions

Nowadays modern women experience different types of stress almost every day – love, dieting, fear, abuse, exams, conflicts, work deadlines, personal relations, misunderstandings, fight, sadness, diseases, death, etc. According to health experts, women with higher stress levels would be more likely to experience depression, sleep disorders, abnormal menstrual cycles, hormonal dysfunctions and other health problems. Top 5 stress solutions can help to overcome stress and manage it easily – they include the following:

Top 5 stress solutions – Emergency relaxation technique

Emergency relaxation technique can be used for emergency quick relaxation. This technique can be used in few situations:

  • When you expect stress,
  • When you are experiencing stress and need to control it,
  • When you need to manage stress before it gets out of control.

Different women can relax differently but in all cases stress always lessen when body muscles are relaxed. Every woman can relax to some degree but strong feelings of tension make relaxation more difficult (especially when negative feelings accumulated for certain period of time). Relaxation technique includes 5 steps:

Top 5 stress solutions

Step 1
Say loudly “STOP” (as loudly as possible)

Step 2
Breathe in deeply and hold it (as long as possible)

Step 3
Breathe out slowly (as slow as possible) and try to relax shoulders and hands

Step 4
Try to not listen anybody for few seconds or few minutes (if possible). You can leave stressful room for short. Try to be relaxed during taken pause.

Step 5
Come back to stressful situation and try to reply very calm and softly (control your voice and emotions, try to find solutions or postpone discussion for better time).

Top 5 stress solutions – “Four A’s” rule

In most cases stress can be avoided, altered, adapted or accepted – this is why health experts recommend 4 As rule: Avoid, Alter, Adapt, Accept.

Sometimes women trigger useless stress which can be easily avoided. Sometimes women could “smell” coming stress which also can be avoided. So, be clever and AVOID stress! Sometimes you are planning to meet a “negative” person which is not necessary. Some people always put us in stress (again and again). So, be clever and AVOID people who stress you!

Sometimes it is not possible to avoid stress but it is possible to alter it by changing your attitude, communication skills and behavior. Positive thinking can be useful. Without shouting or panicking you can express your feelings, highlight all concerns in open and respectful way. Silence can push stress deeper. ALERT stress by suggesting compromises or changing subject of misunderstanding or by postponing discussions.

If stress is not avoidable, you may adapt yourself to existing situation. You may change your expectations, you may agree with different opinions or you may use your sense of humor. Perfectionists always have limited ability to cope with stress. ADAPT yourself to the situation, ADAPT your expectation and try to find solutions (best possible solution for existing stressful situation).

Sometimes women are forced to accept unavoidable stressors (diseases, natural disasters, war, financial crisis, death, etc.). Sometimes it is very difficult to accept negative stressor but in long-term you will be forced to accept it. Longer you refuse to accept the stressor, longer your body will suffer from stress. What doesn’t kill us makes us stronger – just ACCEPT it.

Top 5 stress solutions – Stress balls

Stress balls were invented in China in 1368 A.D. Ancient Chinese medicine provided special iron balls which could manage stress by keeping hands busy. First stress balls were known as Baoding Balls which were made of solid metal. Nowadays market is full of different types of stress balled made from modern materials.

Stress balls are simple small malleable toys which can be squeezed in the hand and manipulated by fingers. According to several studies, stress balls help relieve the stress and muscle tension. Stress balls could be considered as easy effective stress relief method. Women can choose most pleasant and funny stress ball which can be used at any time and in any place (in office, during meeting or complicated discussions, while on phone, during reading or in front of TV). The goal of stress ball is to shift the mind away from stressful thoughts, allowing body and mind to calm down. Squeezing or rolling stress balls keep hands busy (focusing tension on hands). Stress balls can improve circulation and release muscular tension (providing relaxed time for rational thinking and problem solution.

Top 5 stress solutions – Anti-stress pillows

Anti-stress pillows are designed for people who experience stress often. Most anti-stress pillows are infused with aroma-therapeutic blend of lavender, chamomile or citrus. These aromatized pillows help to soothe the senses, relax the mind and calm frazzled nerves. Having anatomically correct profile and specific unique pressure relieving shape, anti-stress pillows provide maximum support, allowing muscles of neck and shoulders to relax completely during sleep. In addition, anti-stress pillows provide perfect support to spinal cord and body.

Top 5 stress solutions – Anti-stress behavior

More you are ready to face stress, less damage can be done by stress. Be ready by doing simple things:

Mind relaxation (meditate, express yourself, walk or run, do anything you like, share your concerns);

Body relaxation (sport, breathing exercises, self-massage, progressive muscle relaxation, Yoga, stretching, shower);

Taking a break (vacation, holidays, off days, leaving for few minutes, taking a cup of tea or coffee, moving shoulders);

Discovering problem solutions (accepting other opinions, making changes, evaluating daily time management, delegating responsibilities).

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