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Vaginal discharge color

Every healthy woman has vaginal discharge which is the result of normal vaginal cleansing processes – cleaning and protecting of healthy vaginal environment. Healthy vaginal discharge is normally clear or white with specific female smell but not colored and not smelling foul. During menstrual cycle the quality and quantity of vaginal discharge can be changed depending of hormonal fluctuations during monthly hormonal cycles. But in healthy women it is always clear without unpleasant smell. Vaginal discharge texture could vary depending of menstrual cycle days. Vaginal discharge color is very important because it can be specific indication of several health conditions.

Any changes in vaginal discharge (color, texture, smell, volume) could indicate specific problems. Changed vaginal discharge combined with other symptoms such as vaginal itching, fishy vaginal smell, vaginal rash or vaginal burning sensation could be the indication of certain vaginal infections.

Vaginal discharge color – white clear vaginal discharge

White vaginal discharge is normal but if it is accompanied with vaginal itching, cottage cheese-like texture and local irritation, it may signal vaginal yeast infection.
Clear watery discharge is perfectly normal and during ovulation it could become sticky or stretchy and resembles mucous.

Vaginal discharge color – green vaginal discharge

Vaginal discharge color

In most cases green vaginal discharge is a symptom of vaginal infection and usually it is combined with other unpleasant symptoms such as foul vaginal odor, vaginal itching, burning sensation, irritation and discomfort, pelvic pain, fever and irregular brown spotting. Main causes of green vaginal discharge include the following:

  • Sexually transmitted infections (Chlamydia, trichomoniasis, gonorrhea);
  • Bacterial vaginosis (imbalance of vaginal bacteria);
  • Foreign infected body in the vagina (lost or forgotten menstrual tampon, sex toys);
  • Lichen Sclerosus (chronic skin condition that mainly affects the skin of the genitals).

Vaginal discharge color – watery vaginal discharge

Watery vaginal discharge is a sign of normal on-going processes in female reproductive system. Vagina is very important part of reproductive system – it is the passageway between internal and external reproductive organs and it is responsible for self-cleaning, flushing dangerous bacteria, dirt and dead cells. Watery vaginal discharge is perfect cleaner and it is keeping vagina clean and healthy.

In cases when vagina needs extra cleaning, the volume of watery vaginal discharge can increase – during pregnancy, during and after intercourse, after intensive physical activities. After ovulation increased watery discharge can help spermatozoa to move up (reaching mature egg).

Vaginal discharge color – yellow vaginal discharge

Yellow vaginal discharge can be a sign of different vaginal infections (inflammations). Only in one case yellowish vaginal discharge can be ignored – if it appeared before menstrual period and combined with symptoms of premenstrual syndrome and if it disappeared after menstruation.

If you have nonstop yellow vaginal discharge accompanied with vaginal itching, vaginal foul smell, vaginal itching, burning sensation, frequent and painful urination, it should be considered as obvious symptom of following diseases:

Trichomoniasis (sexually transmitted infection), symptoms could appear during 5-28 days after unprotected sex – typical symptoms are yellow or greenish vaginal discharge, foul smell, so called “strawberry cervix”, sore vagina, frequent painful urination and painful intercourse;

Gonorrhea (sexually transmitted infection), symptoms appear during few days after unprotected sex – typical symptoms are yellowish or greenish vaginal discharge, fever, vaginal burning sensation, frequent painful urination with burning sensation, painful intercourse, mouth lesions and sore throat;

Bacterial vaginosis (imbalance of vaginal bacteria) – typical symptoms are yellowish or grayish-white or grayish-yellow vaginal discharge, fishy vaginal smell, vaginal discomfort and irritation;

Chlamydia (sexually transmitted disease) – typical symptoms are yellow discharge, frequent urination, burning sensation during urination, inflammation of reproductive organs (Pelvic Inflammatory Disease), infertility, lost appetite and painful intercourse;

Cervicitis (cervix inflammation triggered by sexually transmitted diseases or vaginal contraceptives) – typical symptoms are yellow discharge, infertility, irregular vaginal bleeding or brown discharge, pain;

Vulvovaginitis (inflammation of both vagina and vulva triggered by poor hygiene, allergens, yeast infection, bacteria, viruses or specific parasites) – typical symptoms are yellow discharge, vaginal unpleasant odor, vaginal dryness or burning sensation or discomfort, vaginal itching and irritation).

Vaginal discharge color – Brown vaginal discharge

In general, brown vaginal discharge is a sign of old endometrial tissues and oxidized old blood). It could be remains of previous menstruation or result of damaged internal uterine lining. Main causes of brown vaginal discharge include the following:

  • Endometriosis (abnormal endometrial implants);
  • Pelvic inflammatory disease (PID);
  • Sexually transmitted infections (gonorrhea, Chlamydia, Human Papillomavirus);
  • Cervical abnormalities (polyps, irritation, cervicitis, cancer);
  • Hormonal dysfunctions (irregular periods, diabetes, thyroid disturbances, perimenopause or menopause);
  • Contraceptives (birth control pills, missed pills, IUDs);
  • Stress (severe emotional or physical stress).

Vaginal discharge color – Cottage cheese vaginal discharge

White cottage cheese discharge (thick, white, curdy) from the vagina is the typical symptom of vaginal yeast infection (vaginal candidiasis) – actually it is vaginitis triggered by Candida albicans. Typical symptoms include vaginal itching (mild to intense), vaginal soreness, irritation or burning sensation (especially during intercourse) and redness around the vagina.

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