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Women during ovulation

Women health, reproduction functions, behavior and even appearance depend on female hormones. Female hormones have receptors everywhere (in the brain, ovaries, liver, skin, uterus, lips, hair, etc.) and can affect the entire body. Women depend on female hormones which have huge influence at our behavior, thinking, appearance and attraction. This is why women can be different at different periods of menstrual cycle. Women during ovulation are very special.

Unconscious dependence from female hormones cannot be controlled or regulated. During whole menstrual cycle female body receive and send thousands of invisible signals to different organs – this is how all women functions are regulated.

Women during ovulation experience kind of “hormonal storm” which make women very special.

Women during ovulation – appearance

Evolution made women more attractive during ovulation for reproduction reasons – it is the best period for getting pregnant. Modern science cannot find specific biological mechanisms which change women during ovulation. Few studies investigated scent, voice/sound and women look during ovulation. One study found that men are more attracted by female sweat smell during ovulation considering sweat odor sweeter. Another study recorded women voices during whole menstrual cycle and ask men to choose the best versions – maximum ratings were given to voices during ovulation. Women appearance during ovulation also was highly appreciated. It was noted that women blush more during ovulation – it turns out that during ovulation face skin redness changes because of body temperature increase. So women could have slight red chicks during ovulation. One study found that female faces become slightly more flushed in the days leading up to and during ovulation. Scientists explain it by hormones increased influence at blood flow throughout the body. Increased levels of estrogens during ovulation can cause dilatation of blood vessels in the skin and women become more “flashy” and glow. Actually women during ovulation send invisible signs to men who consider women more attractive during ovulation.

Women during ovulation – smell

Dogs like sniffing ovulating women – why? Actually women become smellier during ovulation and animals are curious about it.

It is well known that sharks are “attracted” by menstruating women – this is why swimming during periods is not recommended in oceans. But dogs are more “attracted” by ovulating women. Any explanations?

Several scientific tests noted that dogs are exceptionally sensitive to the smell of ovaries and female hormones – it was proven that dogs can actually smell out ovarian cancer and breast cancer at very early stages. At the same time, dogs can also detect ovulation.

There is more interesting discovery – women’s sense of smell also sharpens during ovulation hormonal peak (middle of menstrual cycle). According to one study, ovulating women seem to be better able to detect musky odors and male pheromones than those taking oral contraceptives (which prevent ovulation). Why this happens is a mystery.

Women during ovulation – behavior

Women during ovulation

Women groom themselves more during ovulation. One study showed that during the fertile phase of ovulation, women groom themselves more carefully and spent more time selecting clothes. It means women unconsciously try to be more attractive during ovulation – evolution made women more attractive during most fertile period. During ovulation women are “more in mood” for special relations.

Women during ovulation – attraction

It was also noted that male partners become more attracted during ovulation. At the same time, women during ovulation are becoming more attracted to a certain type of men. Some preliminary tests show that during ovulation women are more attracted to men with high levels of testosterone.

Women during ovulation – feelings

Increased libido was noted in women during ovulation. Scientists explain it by increased levels of estrogen and testosterone. At the same time, during ovulation women may be more likely to unconsciously buy and wear sexier clothing.

Ovulating women avoid talking to their fathers on the phone during their most fertile times of the month – according to statistics, women who were ovulating or about to ovulate were half as likely to chat with fathers.

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