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Anticancer Vitamin B17

Some scientists suggest that we all have micro-cancel cells in our body but they become a cancer only because of some triggering factors (chemical reactions, deficit of some elements or vitamins, damaged metabolism and immune system, wrong lifestyle, etc., etc.). It is very important to mention that if our defense mechanisms are functioning normally, the body kills off the cancer cells, and we are never aware that it happened. At the same time, if our body is facing some breakdowns in our body defense system, cancer cells “receive the freedom” and nothing can prevent the growth of those cancer cells. Many doctors agreed that cancer is some kind of global disease. We cannot fight the cancer by only removing the tumor or having local therapies. We should know more about general mechanisms and develop certain body conditions which never will let cancer cells to develop. Some research suggest anticancer vitamin B17 could be possible solution or help.

Anticancer Vitamin B17 research

Well known Dr Ernst T. Krebs (from San Francisco) discovered the healing qualities of vitamin B17 in 1923. His sons, Ernst T. Krebs, Jr. and Byron Krebs continued their father’s research in 1952, refining Laetrile’s (Vitamin B17) nutritional qualities.

From their research, the Krebs believed cancer was not caused by an outside invading force but rather by malfunctions of the normal mechanics within the body itself. They identified cancer as a “deficiency disease.” The body’s malfunctions, according to their research, were the result of a deficiency of certain chemicals found in food, a deficiency of chemicals they specifically identified as vitamin B17, as well as a deficiency of enzymes known as trypsins produced in the pancreas.

According to research the body defence system can be broken because of insufficient pancreatic enzymes responsible for cells’ defence as well as because of insufficient vitamin B17.

Not much research has been conducted on anticancer vitamin B17 – once it was discovered, it was forgotten (or may be ignored). May be it is the reason why well known cancer institutions don’t have enough evidence of anticancer effectiveness of Vitamin B17.

What is this Anticancer Vitamin B17 ?

Anticancer Vitamin B17

Vitamin B17 (also called Laetrile or Amygdalin) is the anticancer vitamin. Some people believe it is an alternative treatment for cancer but I would not be sure about it. Rationally speaking, vitamin B17 can be effective cancer prevention or cancer survival element.

Anticancer vitamin B17 works to reduce tumors and prevent metastasis or the spread of the cancer to other parts of the body. It kills cancer cells, strengthens the immune system and prevents cancer cells from developing in the future, this according to Cancer Tutor. Foods with a high content of Vitamin B17 are called nitrilosides. They include a variety of seeds, grains and nuts and sprouts and tubers as well as leaves and beans.

Thanks to scientists today we know that when the Laetrile compound molecule comes across a cancer cell, it is broken down into two molecules of glucose (one molecule of hydrogen cyanide and another molecule of benzaldehyde. In the early days of laetrile research it was assumed that the hydrogen cyanide molecule was the major cancer cell killing molecule, but now it is known that it is the benzaldehyde molecule that is by far the major reason the cancer cell is killed.

During five years (1972 – 1977) laetrile was meticulously tested at Sloan-Kettering Institute for Cancer Research in Manhattan under the direction of Dr. Sugiura. At the conclusion of his experiment he reported five results:

  1. Laetrile stopped metastasis (the spreading of cancer) in mice.
  2. It improved their general health.
  3. It inhibited the growth of small tumors.
  4. It provided relief from pain.
  5. It acted as cancer prevention.

The reason laetrile therapy takes so long to work, in spite of the marvelous design of the laetrile molecule, is because if the laetrile molecule happens to chemically react with the enzyme of a non-cancerous cell (i.e. rhodanese), before it reacts with the enzyme of a cancerous cell (beta-glucosidase), the rhodanese will break apart the laetrile molecule in such a way that it can no longer kill a cancer cell. Thus you have to take enough laetrile molecules, over a long enough time, that enough laetrile molecules coincidentally (as far as we know) hits all of the cancer cells first.

The second way that laetrile therapy works is because of the laetrile diet. Like the metabolic diet, it is designed to build up the trypsin and chymotrypsin in the body, and let them work on the cancer cells. What they do is break down the enzymes surrounding the cancer cell so the white blood cells can identify and kill the cancer cell.

I was surprised to find out that some doctors even don’t know about Vitamin B17 and medical laboratories in big hospitals cannot check the level of B17 in the blood.

Food with Anticancer Vitamin B17

Anticancer Vitamin B17

Anticancer vitamin B17 is found naturally in many foods – in apricot, apple, cherry, nectarine seeds, blackberry, cranberry, boysenberry, currant, strawberry, raspberry, alfalfa, beet tops, spinach, watercress leaves and sprouts from bamboo.

Apricot kernels are very rich in anticancer vitamin B17 but equally rich are the kernels (seeds, pips) of peaches, plums, grapes, nectarines, greengages, cherries and apples.

Dr Krebs firmly believes that a diet of whole foods rich of anticancer vitamin B17 is the best (instead of B17 supplements). As a precaution he recommended that consumption of 10 apricot kernels per day, either chewed whole, or ground and sprinkled, for example on cereal or in a drink, would provide sufficient B17 to permanently guard against cancer. (It is suggested that 5 or 6 kernels can be eaten at one time.)

It was discovered that anticancer vitamin B17 has other benefits. When benzaldehyde in B17 comes into contact with normal cells, it is oxidised and converted into harmless benzoic acid. This is known to have certain anti-rheumatic, antiseptic and analgesic properties. This could partially account for the fact that B17 produces the unexpected effect of relieving the intense pain associated with terminal cancer, and does so without the aid of narcotics.

Vitamin B17 also stimulates the haemoglobin or red blood cell count. It seems that vitamin B17 also works on some benign tumors, cysts and warts.


Never avoid or replace classical medical treatment of cancer. Above mentioned information is useful for cancer prevention and cancer survival. Once you finish your medical treatment (operation and/or chemotherapy and/or radiotherapy), you are still at the risk and this is the right time to change your diet and lifestyle.

In this website (in chapter “Anticancer”) you can find several articles about anticancer diet, anticancer products and anticancer lifestyle. Take some time and develop your personal cancer surviving module.

New research from 2017

Apricot kernel contains a toxic chemical known as amygdalin. In the body this chemical is converted to cyanide, which is poisonous. There was interest in using apricot kernel to fight cancer because it was thought that amygdalin was taken up first by cancer cells and converted to cyanide. It was hoped that the cyanide would harm only the tumor. But research has shown that this is not true. The amygdalin is actually converted to cyanide in the stomach. The cyanide then goes throughout the body, where it can cause serious harm, including death.

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