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Modern stressful life, tension in family and at work could lead to different types of depression but very often people even don’t realize that they are experiencing depression. For example, lack of energy and limited motivation to achieve anything in life are obvious signs of depression; regular mood swings without visible reasons could also be a signal for depression; sleep difficulties and/or sleep disorders are recognized as a common symptoms of several types of depression; hopelessness, uselessness, unhappiness, loneliness, worthlessness are also common signs of depression; etc., etc. Antidepression lifestyle can be the best solution for stressful situations.

Although very often depression is recognized as a mental health condition, many scientists suggest that depression is rather a state of mind than body illness.

Are there any ANTIDEPRESSION strategies which ordinary people can use or implement for preventing any farther development of depression in the long run? Can women defeat depression and be happy? Is it possible to prevent and manage depression? The answer is YES and, here are recommended strategies which on long term can help you to live your life with full sense of purpose, to strengthen your self-confidence, to support you in being happy and satisfied.

Generally speaking self-help strategy can eliminate all elements which trigger depression. Below introduced antidepression strategies will certainly empower the internal self-confidence and self-satisfaction by leaving your currently experiencing negative feelings.

Make your life normal with a sense of goal, satisfaction, happiness and excitement in everyday life.

Antidepression – lifestyle changes

Firstly and probably the most effective method to overcome depression are lifestyle changes. Healthy lifestyle is an enemy of depression.

Evaluate your lifestyle and be sure that you always avoiding isolation; maintaining positive relations with friends, family members and colleagues; avoiding all possible conflicts and always ready for compromises; strengthening your self-confidence; socializing with people and sharing/discussing your problems (never keep it inside!), stories, jokes; relaxing and enjoying life; reacting positively at any events.

Important parts of your healthy lifestyle should be regular physical activities and healthy diet.

Use this checklist for making positive changes in your lifestyle – it will help you to overcome and defeat your depression:

  • Always control your thinking – positive thinking should be normal habit for you (exclude negative thought habits);
  • Forget your tensions and worries and concentrate on positive things and positive solutions;
  • Invite your friends and family members for relaxed chat and discuss your problems;
  • Choose interesting hobbies and develop interests because the most common reason for depression is lack of enough interests and activities;
  • Keep your mind off problems and negative thoughts and emotions – learn thinking positively;
  • Always have your personal relaxation times (every week, every month, every holiday) and devote special time for your hobbies;
  • Invent the most pleasurable (personal) and/or most interesting activity and always do it when feel unhappy or stressed or depressed;
  • Have regular long walk in nice environment (park, beach, gardens) or with pets;
  • Never postpone solutions for your problems – fix it in time (alone or with friends or step by step or in special order “first come, first solve”;
  • Try to be always realistic in planning and in problem solutions – never plan things you cannot do and never promise things you cannot accomplish;
    • If you are in trouble and cannot find solutions, brainstorm solutions and ask friends, colleagues or family members for good ideas and always keep an open mind to all possible positive solutions;
  • Be positive and value all your accomplishments, talents and qualities;
  • Stop negative bad behavior – don’t shout, don’t cry, don’t ignore and don’t humiliate people;
  • Be active and devote enough time for physical activities – sport, aerobic, yoga, walking, joking, swimming, etc. (at least 30-40 minutes every day);
  • Create positive social environment around you – positive friends and colleagues, close people with good sense of humor, successful professionals and happy families.

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