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Brazilian wax

Brazilian Wax is one of the most popular hair removal methods used by modern women for unwanted hairs on face, legs and pubic area.

Pubic hair hygiene and pubic hair removal actually originated from ancient Egypt and Greece when prostitutes started pubic hair removal. It was done for two purposes – for personal hygiene and as a clear sign of their profession. Although female body shaving was established as the society norm during 1915-1945, pubic hair wax/removal did not gain a strong foothold until the 1980s.

Modern fashionable bikini bathing suits began to reveal more of the pubic area in the 1970 and 80s. With this trend came increased pressure to avoid revealing pubic hair by removing and waxing it.

Brazilian wax

In modern societies the Brazilian waxing originated from Brazil. The Brazilian bikini waxing had its beginnings on the beautiful sunny beaches of Rio de Janeiro, where bathing beauties first donned the thong bathing suit, which required a thong-type-waxing to make it wearable. The pubic hair removal habits in Western women started in XX century – it became more common when bathing suits became abbreviated and women started wearing new thong bikinis.

In USA Brazilian waxing was introduced in 1987 by J. Sisters International Salon which was opened in Manhattan, New York by seven Brazilian sisters Jocely, Jonice, Joyce, Janea, Jussara, Juracy and Judseia Padilha.

Originally sisters were trained in their family salon in Victoria, Brazil. J Sisters salon in New York introduced the idea and the techniques to remove much or all of the pubic hair which make it possible to wear modern thong underwear and thong bikini swimming suits. Since then, the seven J. Sisters (whose first names all begin with the letter “J”) have acquired a celebrity clientele.

BRAZILIAN WAX for pubic hair removal

Originally Brazilian Wax means hair removal from pubic area (mainly from bikini lines) which gives women a freedom to wear modern underwear, swimming suits and lingerie which are becoming increasingly skimpier, drawing a need for the removal of more hair around the bikini area. Brazilian wax was a great solution for millions of women in different societies and different centuries.

Since Brazilian wax techniques have been introduced in modern society, it has become a common part of the routine regular hygiene for women of any age.

Brazilian waxing became very popular and it has huge influence at fashion trends of skimpy bathing suits and lingerie. In general, the pubic hair styles became a fashion.

BRAZILIAN WAX for legs hair removal

Brazilian wax for your legs can be tricky and sticky but result can be smooth and beautiful. It can be complicated only first time. Once you learn all necessary steps, it is pretty easy. Brazilian wax for legs is a part of your personal hygiene – the more you do it, the more you get a hang of it. You just need about 50-60 minutes.

    • Your legs’ hair should be long enough for Brazilian wax (about 1/4 inch) – the Brazilian wax needs hair to stick to. But too long hairs should be trimmed.
  • It is recommended to do Brazilian wax on “clean” skin – better remove/exfoliate legs to remove dead skin in advance (1-2 days before scheduled Brazilian waxing). It is not recommended to do it before Brazilian waxing as it could be a reason for post-waxing inflammation.
  • Before applying the Brazilian wax, be sure that your legs are fully dry. You can use some skin powder in advance. Good quality powder removes skin oil helping the Brazilian wax stick better to leg hairs.
  • Buy a good quality Brazilian wax kit with applicator, strips, wax and detailed instructions. Always follow instructions (step-by-step).
  • Apply thin layer of the wax in small selected area in the direction of hair growth – holding the stick at 90 degree angle.
  • Let wax to cool. Remove the strip gently – peel it in the opposite direction of hair growth. It is less painful to keep the strip as close to the leg skin as possible. One-two tablets of ibuprofen taken in advance (1-1,5 hours before waxing) can reduce the pain.
  • Prevent ingrown hairs by applying special lotions with salycylic acid.
  • Excess Brazilian wax can be removed with any oil (oil cream, body oil).

BRAZILIAN WAX for face hair removal

Brazilian wax

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