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Brown discharge before period

Most women confess that menstrual period is the most unpleasant period of the month (smelly, uncomfortable, painful, depressing, etc.). Though, most of the women can hardly bear those 4 – 5 days of the period, there are some women who also have additional problems with brown discharge before period which can be a really frustrating situation.

When a women notice brown discharge before period, they would be worried and would usually think of something abnormal/dangerous happening to their body.

But in reality not all types of brown discharge before period are considered to be causes of concern for women – sometimes brown discharge before period can be absolutely normal. However, there are cases when brown discharge before period may be caused by some pathological alterations in women reproductive system.

BROWN DISCHARGE before period – possible causes

Brown Discharge before period connected to menstrual bleeding

In general the menstrual flow consists of several layers, which include old blood, endometrial lining, nutrients, tissue remains, etc. All these layers are discharged together as menstrual bleeding/menstrual flow. Sometimes only the layer of nutrients may be discharged before the actual menstruation – this is causing the brown discharge before period.

Incidents in a menstrual cycle may happen that the endometrial cells are not entirely expelled – “old” endometrial cells can leave uterus during next period and usually appear as brown discharge before period. If the cause of the discharge is the endometrial cells turning from red to brown due to the delayed elimination, there would be no reason to worry.

Brown discharge before period

Brown Discharge before period caused by polyps

Often polyps of the uterus and/or cervical polyps can be responsible for brown discharge before period. Polyps are the groups of cells that have grown abnormally inside the uterus (mainly because of hormonal dysfunctions). Cells of polyps can bleed very slowly before period and the brown vaginal discharge before period could be a result of the bleeding from polyps.

Brown Discharge before period caused by birth control pills

It is well known that birth control pills interfere with the female hormones and change normal menstrual hormonal cycle in women bodies. Birth control pills insure the contraceptive effect by changing the levels of the hormones involved in menstruation and pregnancy. Changed hormonal levels sometimes can cause brown vaginal discharge before period. At the same time, if you miss your pills and fail to take the pills regularly every time at the same time, then you could have unpleasant brown vaginal discharge before period.

Brown Discharge before period caused by implantation (implantation bleeding)

Implantation bleeding and/or implantation brown spotting is an early symptom of pregnancy. It is an indication that the fetus has implanted itself in the uterine endometrial lining. While the fetus burrows itself inside the uterine lining, it leads to rupture of the lining. Actually the implantation process always accompanied with light endometrial bleeding – this causes implantation spotting which is either pink or brown in color. In most cases the implantation spotting is very light and occurs for about 2-3 days and it appeared after 6-12 days after ovulation and/or a week prior to expected period.

Brown Discharge before period caused by infections (STDs or other infections)

There are several sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) which can provoke brown discharge before period – Chlamydia, Gonorrhea, Genital Warts (HPV). Vulvovaginitis and Pelvic Inflammatory Diseases (PID) can also be responsible for brown vaginal discharge before period.

If above mentioned infections are responsible for brown discharge before period, it is more likely that women would experience symptoms like rashes and burning sensations (for genital warts), vomiting (for Chlamydia), lesions of the mouth, pelvic pain (for Gonorrhea), painful urination, pain in the lower abdominal area, and loss of appetite.

Brown Discharge before period caused by endometriosis

Endometriosis is the growth of cells similar to those that form the inside of the uterus (endometrial cells), but in a location outside of the uterus. Endometrial cells are the same cells that are shed each month during menstruation. The cells of endometriosis attach themselves to tissue outside the uterus and are called endometriosis implants.

These implants are most commonly found on the ovaries, the Fallopian tubes, outer surfaces of the uterus or intestines, and on the surface lining of the pelvic cavity. They can also be found in the vagina, cervix, and bladder, although less commonly than other locations in the pelvis.

Endometriosis of vagina and/or cervix can be a reason for brown vaginal discharge before and/or after period.

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  1. I had brown discharge almost 3weeks and now it red and cramp like my period is just starting.

    • looks like side effect from hormonal contraception

      • what about 18 days of brown discharge right before period?

        • it is not normal; if it happened once, it could be stress or hormonal; if you have IUD – it is just side effect – //

          • It only happened once. I was on birth control for a while though which changed my periods.

      • I’m 12 and before my period I have the worst cramps and brown discharge for 2 days and then it’s my period:/ is that normal

        • it is normal

  2. i have had 3 days of very little light brown colored discharge that has me worried, I have had cramps and back pain as I usually do with my period but there has yet to be any actual blood, what does this mean?

  3. I had brownish discharge this morning. My cycle is late, should I take a test or wait?

  4. Today my period is suppose. To be on but instead. I’m. Experiencing light brown discharge last month I. Had. My period 3 days early and. It was very light pink. Then I ended up having a normarl period. ?????? Answer please!! Lol

    • it is simple menstrual dysfunction which could have several causes – stress, hormonal contraception (pills), travel, etc. – check in – //

  5. So my husband and I trying to get pregnant. . Have had normal periods til this one. I’m due in 2 days now have light brown spotting, just when I wipe. . Last week I had pregnancy symptoms like nausea, fatigue, loss of appetite. . Just wondering what it could be. . What I have now I can not figure out if it’s implantation or early period.. thanks for your help. .

  6. Good Morning,
    I have a brown spotting anf discharge , my period is late for 2.5 months ( I was very stressed at this time). We had our honeymoon with my husband maybe additional stress for the body (climate change, flights) . I supposed to receive my period before the honeymoon but I didnt pregnancy test showed negative. Once we came back (2 months late) I’ve done blood test and blood test showed negative pregnancy . Before and after blood test we were sexually active as we are planning a baby . I had constant lower back pain , doctor sent me to do uraine test . I had blood in uraine and doctor though its blooder infection . Im still taking antibiotics but it doesnt help and today ive noticed a spotting im not sure what to do . Thank you

  7. having very dark spotting since 11 dpo , now on 3rd day. Very scanty and light and intermittent, maybe 2 to 3 times a day. Was expecting periods in another 2 days.
    Could this be IB ? Or something else ?

  8. I had a brown spotting with a little blood but it was messy it was not a drop or a light spotting . What does it mean ? Please answer.

    • on which day of menstrual cycle?

  9. This is the first month I’m on birth control and on the 18th day of the cycle I started having some brown discharge that soon turned into actual reddish bleeding as if it was the first day of my period. I also have really strong cramps and lower abdomen pain, which I usually don’t suffer even when I’m on my period. Is this just “spotting” due to the hormon changes in my body or could it be some other problem?

  10. Im 22 yrs old and im married. I had brown discharge 4 days before the period and the 3rd day (today) it change into red blood.. what is it means.. Dr doly Please please give me the I pregnant? ?

    • sorry for late reply but I was on holiday – it looks like regular period – sometimes women could have brown discharge before period (stress, hormones) – why you are worried?

  11. I have been bleeding brown discharge light/dark since 5/11/2015. Now today I have notice pinkish color. This been going on for 6 days now and this is actually around the time of my normal period. Is this implantation bleeding or a sign of pregnancy?

  12. im 2 days to my period and ive started getting brown discharge but its not a little or alot I am trying to consive but I know im not overlating proper what could it be? ??

  13. I am trying to conceive. Starting wed I had light brownish spotting on the tp then thur and fri lite bleeding still brownish color sat back to spotting on tp sunday nothing and today spotty again period die tomorrow 13 dpo 30 day cycle should I be worried excited or what?

  14. Is it normal for the brown discharge to start a week before your period?

    • it is not normal but many healthy women have it

  15. I’m due to start my period in 2 days. I just went to the bathroom and there is brown discharge?

    • nothing to worry about – many women have 1-2 days brown discharge before period – it is actually your period coming out slowly

  16. I’ve been having brown discharge for about a week now, but I only notice it or the odor after urination. I’ve only just recently entered a relationship, and I know that I’m not pregnant, but my period isn’t going to be here for another five days. Should I be worried?

  17. Ever since having my son (who is 2 but was born at 29 weeks due to Pprom) my periods are preceded by exactly one week of brownish dryish discharge. My periods are EXACTLY 28 days apart, without fail, and I always get this discharge the week before my period starts.

    • visit your gynecologist

  18. I’ve been having tick dark and smelly brown discharge about 4days before periods. the last 4 or 5 months. I do feel bloated and pressure in my lower abdomen area. I am sick of it please help!

  19. i had unprotected sex and as a result i ended up taking 2 contraceptive pills at a go, a week later i started severely cramping and experiencing brown discharge, what could this mean
    thnx for yo help

    • double hormonal contraceptive pills could mess your menstrual cycle and/or damage implantation process – in both cases you could have brown discharge and cramping

  20. i have been having light brown discharge on tp for 2 days period not due for a week.i did hav unprotected sex as trying to conceive.also had 3 miscarriage and 2 previous ectopic.any info would be great

  21. i had brown “spotting” about a week before my period. it lasted four days i useed a tampon one of the days and when i took it out it wa about 1/3 filled i didnt have cramps or feel sick dring that time. im now 3 days into the start of when im spposed to start my period and havent bleed yet. i feel like its coming but theres no blood yet. ive been overly stressed and tired because i st started a new job and everything and was wondering if that could be a reason why? anything helps!

    • stress (emotional + physical) could be a reason

  22. This is my second set of using Junel de birth control and I was suppose to start my period this week and instead I had on Sunday brown spotting and then on Monday it was brown blood (not a lot). I have had unprotected sex without him cumming possibly pre-cum. As of now I think I’m having discharge and still haven’t had my period. Does this mean I’m pregnant.

  23. I’ve had this somewhat spotting for a few days. Its not when I wipe, its somewhat deep in my vagina. Tmi sorry. My period is supposed to be here on the 31-3 is this normal?

    • almost normal

      • Is this just my period? Not pregnacy? I have not had any unprotected sex?

        • I’m very confused. The “discharge” is now gone from a dark brown to all red. Is this the start of my period?

          • looks like normal period – don’t be sooooo stressed

  24. I’m a few days late on my period, and I’ve had unprotected sex. But I bled last night and the bleeding stopped this morning and now I just have brown discharge every now and then. What does this mean?

  25. I started getting brown discharge about three days ago when I came home from my trip. I’m supposed to get my period in another week or two. I’ve never had sex, or even kissed a guy so I think that’ll remove me from the STDs possibility and the pregnancy as well. But I did have cramps for the first two days, and a loss of appetite. My appetite’s coming back, it’s not back completely quite yet but yeah. What can this be? It doesn’t smell funny or anything, it doesn’t smell like anything! And it doesn’t hurt when I pee or anything like that? But the discharge won’t go away …?

    • sometimes travel in airplane or in train (especially conbined with stress) could just provoke uterus contractions and contractions push grown endometrium (internal line of uterus) out – you will have your period soon and most probably everything will be finished

  26. I heard my periods on 3rd upto 5th of May I then I had sex on 7th then I took p2 on 8th .we came into contact again on 9th and took another packet of p2 on 10th. On 16th I heard my periods for three days. On 24th I heard sexand took the p2 again. On frFriday I heard sex but never used any contraceptives. When I woke up today there was the brown spot on my sheet and it’s still continuing upto now but know there are some traces of blood in it normal or am I pregnant?

    • 99% it is side effect of your p2 – in general morning after pills can mess menstrual cycle and you used it twice during one month (too much!!!)

  27. Dear doctor, this is my second month i’m having brown discharge a week prior to my periods. Should I need to worry? Or do I need to go for consultation? Pls reply

    • better to visit your doctor

  28. Hey Dr. I’m a little concern on my end, I had brown discharge for a week and a half and then light spotting of blood for 4 days along with a miss period, as of today I’m 9 days late. I have taken 2 HPT they were negative. I’ve been in birth control for 5 + months now and this has never happen to me before , when I visit my doctor she told me it was a Bv and prescribed me medicine..the red spotting 3 days later but still no period. Please help!

    • if you use birth control pills regularly (without missing pills) your chances for pregnancy are only 1-2% and you can easily check it with basal temperature – //
      concerning late period, see all possible causes in – //

      • I missed 5 days in 4 Weeks, (pills)but It wasn’t back to back , about 2-3 days apart

  29. I’ve been having brown discharge a week before my period the past few months (I’m on the pill) What could this mean?

  30. Hi i have brown spotting for the last two days and a little be of cramp. We are trying to conceive and I am counting my days to do when I am ovulating. Although my cycle is variable (could be 26, 27 or 28 days) I think I am late since is day 31. I did a pregnant test (on the 26 day) and was negative I am just confusing right now.

  31. I am a week late for my period but have had cramps for the last week an half, today I have some very light brown spotting and still having back cramps in my lower back. Hpt showed a really faint blue positive line. I have been on b.c since January but am also taking a new oral drug for my multiple sclerosis that I couldn’t find any information on about whether or not it could affect the b.c.
    Are my symptoms normal for an early pregnancy

  32. Hi doctor , i had leep surgery 26 of march for hpv i had brownish dicharge between my priod and this month again it happened 10 days before my priod , i feel tired all the time and i didnt have intercourse after my surgery , any suggestion plz

    • your surgery is not considered as difficult and serious one – you should feel for now very healthy – go to your gynecologist and make also blood test

  33. Hi Doctor. I have been having light spotting (<3 days) during every ovulation for half a year now. Last month I traveled through different time zones and my first period after that was considerably lighter than usual (lasted 2 days and stopped abruptly). I also had similar spotting during ovulation this month. But after a masturbatory orgasm 9 days ago I have been having brown discharge everyday until now. My period is due in a few days and I am certainly not ovulating anymore. I am at no risk of pregnancy but I am also not sure if I should be very concerned. (I even stopped my workouts to avoid the possibility of heavier spotting) Please help explain thank you so much!

    • 1). many women have discharge during ovulation;
      2). nothing to worry – any uterus contraction (even provoked by masturbation) can cause brown vaginal discharge on any day of cycle

      • Thank you for the reply doctor. I have been having ovulation bleeding for 7 months now. And this time it’s slightly heavier than before. Is it normal to experience it on such a regular basis?

        • If you have brown discharge regularly every month in the middle of your menstrual cycle during few hours or during one day, it means your endometrium (internal uterine lining) is sensitive to the normal hormonal pick which is happening just before the ovulation. Check more in – //

          • The bleeding actually lasts 3-5 days each time, not more than one week, lighter than my periods, but it’s getting heavier and does start to worry me.. Is there any way to make it go away? Thank you so much for the kind reply!

          • birth control pills can stop ovulation and your unpleasant discharge in the middle of cycle – it could be a good idea for 3-6 months – it also could be very secure testing if discharge is correlated with your ovulation – you can discuss my suggestion with your gynecologist

  34. I have been brown spott bleeding.for.the last 2months sum blood .havent miss a.period .but rhis scaring me.

  35. I have been getting a brown discharge approx 5 days before my period for the past 5 months. The discharge can be quite stringy. I am not on any birth control. Is this something to worry about? I had my right ovary removed approx 2 years ago.

    • if you are thinking about future pregnancy, better to check endometriosis and check also lab histological analysis of removed ovary (important!)

  36. Hi. I am taking birth control pills and have been for a long time. This past month I have been under a lot of stress and to make matters worse yesterday I had a little bit of light brown vaginal discharge. I shouldn’t get my period for 10 more days. I am also cramping. There is no smell to fluid. And it is very light brown. Can it just be all the stress. Thank you.

  37. Ive havent started my period yet and today i had to use the bathroom when i wiped it was brown. I sorta freaked out but i have no clue.. Im not sexually active but im curious could this mean im going to start my period?

  38. Hi, I have a quick question. My husband and I have been TTC our 3rd child for two months. I have never had implantation bleeding with my other pregnancy’s. But I am due for my period 6-14-15 and yesterday 6-12-15 I noticed very light brown discharge only when I wiped, and always extremely light. I put a tampon in and a few hours later it came out with only one spot of brown discharge and comes and goes very scanty. And slight cramp on one side of lower abdomen. Could this be IB. I never spot before AF. Usually if I do see brown discharge it is the very last day of AF. Thank you for your response.

  39. I forgot to mention that it seemed to of stopped so the extremely light brown discharge only lasted 2 days. And it quite possibly could have had a slight pinkish tint to it and maybe that’s why I looked so pale brown. Thank you

  40. Nevermind on the question. I took a HPT around 8pm and got a POSITIVE 2-3 weeks on the clear blue HPT weeks estimator. So yes it was IB. This is my 3rd child and the first time experiencing IB. I hope this helps others. Thank you and GL to the rest of you!

  41. I started getting brown discharge a day after i had sex im not experiencing any cramps, itchiness or any burning when i urinate what could it be?

    • could be small post-coital vaginal trauma

  42. We are currently TTC. I have a 28 day cycle. My period is due in two days but I have had brown spotting for the last four days. Not heavy at all just light spotting. It started with really bad back aches and nausea. I took a P test yesterday (day three of spotting) and it was negative but it could still be early. Any suggestions?

  43. Hello dr. I had unprotected sex on the 14th and took p2 the morning after on the 15th. I noticed muddy discharge yesterday and now I’m bleeding, but my period isn’t due till 29th. What does this mean?

  44. Hi Dr.
    I think my perid is late. My period was supposed to come around 28th of May. I had a dark brown discharge(one dropp only once) at the beguining of this month and nothing ever since. My period has been changing dates for a few now. It used to be 20h then on the 24th and finally between 28-30 of every month. My husband and I have had sex but not too often,maybe 4 times in 3 times in the last 2 months. He was very sick for a while so that was the cause. We do not use protection and we have never used it. (He never comes inside) I have been very stressed. We had an accident and both lost our jobs and Im the only one work8ng because he was badly sick. So I’ve been under lots of strees lately and I dont see any sign for my period and Im very worried. We have 2 daughers and last pregnesy i had started with light blood spots for a few days…So you can tell mu concern. Please help. THANKS!!

  45. Is it normal to have brown discharge 2 days before and week after period? It started few months ago. After a week of period there’s brown discharge that takes 4-5 days… Every month until now, I experience it.

    • if it started few months ago, it means something is changed in your body; possible causes – polyps, endometriosis, infections or any hormonal pills?

  46. I started having brown/dark brown spotting/discharge Sunday. I have kept a liner on but it didn’t get fully covered. If I have it today it would be 4 days of it. I am 6 days from my period. My breasts have been sore just as long as I’ve been spotting. What should I check for?

  47. hello dr. i started brown discharge after workout. (running and weight lifting)
    this is not first time.
    i have a brown discharge sometimes when i workout hard or feel tired my body. that makes me worried.
    is it serious thing?

    • too much and too difficult exercises during second part of menstrual cycle could provoke brown discharge – better to reduce the insensitivity of your exercises

  48. Hello doctor. I started taking birth control last month.this past Monday while going to use the bathroom,I noticed that I was spotting. I was thinking it might be my period,but I already had my period for this month. It stopped on the same day. Today the same thing happend. Nothing heavy,but I did experience some cramping that soon stopped afterwards. Would you consider this to be a side effect from the birth control?

  49. I am on birth control and have been for a year now. I take them normally. I have a 28 day cycle. Recently I’ve had brown/black spotting for 2 days now. This is the first time I’ve had this before my period. My period is due in 6 days. I’ve been stressing for about 2 weeks. I also have anxiety. I don’t know why I’m spotting.

  50. Hello, my boyfriend and I are trying to get pregnant. I have the period tracker app on my phone which gives a roundabout time when I am in ovulation. We have trying during the Times where I have a high chance of getting g pregnant. My period is not due for another week and I have been sleeping as soon as I get home from work. Taking 2/3 hour naps. Back pain is severe and now I have dark brown discharge. Usually like an after period clean out, only darker and not as much. Slightly worried_kay

  51. I am supposed to start my period in a week. Today I just started to have brown and somewhat chunky discharge. I have been on birth control for 2 years now and this is the first time this has ever happened.

      • “hey dr. today I was supposed to start my period but instead I have little brown discharge with a little red. I’ve never had sex but I have engaged in masturbation many many times. It sorta burns when I wipe and yesterday I noticed my vagina was itchy. I’ve never experienced this before could you please resond?”

        • use some lubricants or cream during masturbation to prevent trauma, irritation and inflammation which could trigger brown discharge

  52. Hi Doctor!

    I have had irregular cycles for many years. BC pills reak havoc on my body and moods, so I do not use them. I do however practice safe sex with condems. The last two months my period has been up to two weeks early each month, and also starts with a brownish discharge, exhaustion and mild cramping… like a normal period would begin. This discharge lasts a few days, then goes away for a couple, then i get my “regular” period. I feel like I am menstrating for weeks on end. Is there anything I can do to correct this, other than oral (or hormonal) contraceptives?

    • first your doctor should discover the real cause of irregular periods and treatment will be organized accordingly; at the same time some natural remedies can support hormonal regulation – discover in – //

  53. hii,i had abortion a month ago .and now i have started brown discharge and mild this normal? plz reply

    • it is post-abortion recovery – if you don’t have pain or temperature, it will finish soon

  54. hey!! I’m 13 and I haven’t had my period at all yet but the last year I have had discharge. just last night I experienced awful cramps so I went to the bathroom and I had, almost like a rich milk chocolate discharge. and I’m having it again this morning. should I get prepared for my period????!

  55. Two days ago I had my Mirena IUD removed (I was tired of the side affects) I was spotting when I went in to have it removed but nothing too serious. That same night I started taking Sharobel, and now I have a pinkish/brownish discharge with a not so pleasant odor. Should I be nervous or worried?

  56. last month period was on 1st of jun till 4th of jun and then on 21st of jun i have brown bloods and get lighter after 3 days then it stopped and i supposed to have my period on the 6ths but it been 2 days and i havent have my period yet. plz help

  57. Hi. Been having milky white discharge days before my period. And today, 1 day before my supposed period i got a very little amount of brown discharge and it was dry when i saw it. And i still have white discharge. Anything wrong about it? Thanks and more power!

  58. My last period was May 22, took a pregnancy test 5 days after my missed period which came out negative. on July 5th I began to spot dark brown its is now July 10th i am still spotting dark brown but am noticing it is getting heavier and lighter in color. is this my period?

  59. Hello. Within the last 4 months I have noticed brownish discharge after running hard. I’ve also just experienced the same discharge out of no where. I am two weeks from my expected period. Not using contraceptives and have not been sexually active in the last 5 months. I have experienced 2-3 nights of left leg pain (no swelling) but figured it was due to working out. What should I do?

    • possible causes – intensive sport or cervical polyp; you can reduce intensity and frequency of running and check

  60. Last month my period was shorter than usual and i did not notice any brown blood at the ending of my period like i normaly experience.And this month a few days before my period i noticed brown discharge,is this normal?

    • women hormones are very flexible and periods also can be changed accordingly – changes could depend of stress, travel, overwork, etc.

  61. Hi I’m a 31 years old. Been having brown spotting every cycle for about the last year or so. I have 3 children, but I would like another child. Back in May I started spotted on CD 23 it lasted 4 days until next cycle came. Think I had early miscarriage. Then in June I had severely heavy period that lasted for 3 days with 2 days spotting
    before and after period. Now in July I was supposed to start new cycle on 7/11. Started to spot on 7/12 light pink discharge. Then brown the next day and only when I wiped. 7/14 same thing. 7/15 brown discharge when I wiped. 7/16 it turned to light red blood and only enough for 1 pad all day.

  62. I am 21 and have PCOS. Ever since I was put on spironalactone I get a brown (very painful, amost burning like pain) discharge right before my period. I become very itchy and only feel relief when I wipe to remove the discharge. I’m not sexually active, nor have I ever been so I know it can’t be pregnancy or an STD. Any insights/advice would be greatly appreciated!

  63. Hi, I keep regular track if my cycle and it’s expected to start in 10 days, today I begin to discharge a brownish red discharge that’s got me spooked. I am not sexually active right now, I just ovulated last Wednesday…now I see this…not sure what it could b e. Early period may be??

    • if it happened only once, it is OK – could be stress, hormonal pick, ovulation reaction, travel, etc.

  64. Brown watery discharge for around 6 months on and off. On consistent birth control so I don’t have periods. I do have PCOS and take Metformin to help with the issues associated, but also just started taking iron to fix the level 5 that I had during last blood work. Could all of this be related to a possible thyroid-hormone issue, which I’m also getting looked at as well?

    • better to check your hormones and have gyn examination

  65. Hello doctor. I usually have brown discharge a day or two before my period and then it’s read the entire rest of it. However, this is another day of brown discharge it was a little tinge pink earlier and then went back to brown should I be concerned ? This is the first time is gone this many days

    • just ignore – some hormone fluctuations can change it

  66. hi :),
    i had a misscarriage about 2 months ago, ive had a normal period since then, my next period isnt due for another 2 weeks. the last 3 days ive experienced lower abdominal cramps and 2 days of brown spotting. im not on any contraceptive. but never experienced this before?

  67. Okay I’m 15 years old & I dry air hump on my boyfriends stomach 21 of July 2015 & I usually start my periods Either around the 20 or 23 but on Wednesday on the 22 of July 2015 I started to notice brown discharges & these little circle things came out when I wiped myself at night & I started to worry but then the next morning I just started still get brown stuff is this normal or am I pregnant ? Please tell me

    • if you would not have normal period during one week, the possibility of pregnancy could increase

  68. Hey doctor does dry air humping cause pregnancy

  69. doctor okay so I have my period I think but i still have brown discharges & I have blood when I wipe but my pee is not blood it’s my normal pee does it mean I’m pregnant

  70. I haven’t had my period in 2 months the last time I started was may 1st and it’s July 25th and it’s usually normal for me but I’ve been kinda stressed out about it and I’ve been waking up at 4 in the morning for summer school and I’m also stressed about that but on the 23rd I started having light/dark brown discharge and I’m kinda worried

    • looks you have hormonal dysfunction – may be triggered by stress – if you don’t have enough hormones for normal period, you could have just brown or reddish discharge – check all possible causes for late period – //

  71. Hi Doc! I stopped my BCP for PCOS two months ago because of the side effects and I also had LEEP done last May 2015. This month, I noticed that I have been having tan to brown discharge. My period hasn’t started yet. I do not experience pain in my pelvic area, the discharge is not smelly, no itching but it’s been going for like 5 days now. What do you think I should do? What is the cause?

    • it could be tissue recovery after LEEP

  72. I usually take birth control, but my husband and I want to try for another baby (first pregnancy=no complications). I’ve been off BC for 3 months and we want to start trying next month, but since I’ve been off BC I’ve noticed a little brown discharge a day or two before I start my period. I’m a little worried this might be something I should check before trying to conceive, but then it could be nothing–what do you think?

  73. Hi… i have PCO with regular period for the last 9 month
    i noticed lf pelvic pain with braown discharge week befor my period with light period for the last 3 month? What could be the reason dr?

    • vaginal infection or endometriosis?

  74. I’ve had low grade fevers the past 3 days along with headaches and cold-like symptoms. Monday I had brown discharge and didn’t think much of it and today again I have it but much lighter. I have taken BC pills regularly for about 2 years now. Can my cold symptoms and the brown discharge be connected in some way? My period is also supposed to come next week, but this hasn’t happened before.

    • 1). if you used some medication for headaches or for cold, medication could reduce the activity of pills and as a result you could have brown discharge – see for example – //
      2) you could have brown discharge also if you missed pills

  75. I am 16 i dint actually hav sex i juss hd my bf’s penis rubed on my vagina m a virgin and i hav juss a little of brown discharge right before my period do u think it is pregnancy??

    • if you had normal period (not short! not light!) – no pregnancy

  76. The day after my last day of ovulation, I started having a lot of brown discharge. at times looked like boogers when I wiped and I did have to use a tampon at times because there was so much (like a very light day of my period). this lasted 2 full days. 1 day prior to my discharge, my husband and I had intercourse as we are trying for second. But that is way too soon for implantation. Today I am not having any discharge but a lot of cramping like I am going to start my period. I’m really concerned about the brown discharge so soon after ovulation is done.

    • if this happened only once, it could be body reaction to stress or medication or infection; but if you would have it again, better check with gynecologist

  77. I am 13 and I have a lot brown discharge acouple days before my period. And I have 1 white dot on my vagina and s lot on the inside flap. Is this normal or no?

    • brown discharge before period is normal for your age; about dot I already replied.

  78. Also I get itchy around that one dot and the rest is not. This might not be apart of it but I have shaved my vagina and then the dot appeared and itched. But before I shave it,I rarely got brown discharge. Is this normal?

  79. For the last four months I’ve been having brown discharge that starts before my period. I’ve never experienced this before, the first time it started about 4 days before my period and then the next three times it’s just been about 2 days before it (and it’s very light on the first day) and then my period continues as normal. Is this just my cycle changing or is it likely to be anything more serious?

    • brown discharge is always a symptom of something – most often causes are infection or endometriosis

      • Thanks for the reply, the nurse I spoke to said it was just the end of my last period. What are the chances of it being something life threatening?

  80. Need help plz. My last peorid was July 5th-9th. I notice some brown discharge on tp only July 22-23rd. Then nothing. Then again just only when I wipe. It started again July 29th-August 3rd. No smell. No burning nothing like that. I should start my af today or Tom. And usually I know when it’s coming I cramp really bad. Don’t feel that way. About 2 days ago I felt like a sharp pain or pitching in my lower stomach uterus area. I have took like 5 preg test even today all come back negative. And I have been feeling really dehydrated and have to use bathroom a lot. What could it be?

  81. i had a baby 7 mths ago, my period returned after 3 mths but since den i ve brown discharge from ovulation till i get my period every month since then and the discharge is kind of thick as in heavy. what could this mean?

    • could be inflammation – better to check with your gynecologist

  82. Not normal for me…. I have a pretty regular cycle- average 27 days but this month I had light brown discharge for 2 days 7 days before my regular period. Along with the discharge I have nausea, extreme bloating, fatigue, breast tenderness, and certain smells trigger the sick response. This morning I started my period 7 days early, which doesn’t happen maybe a day or two but not a week. My normal PMS consists of mood swings (crying) and sweets craving. Not on birth control and did have unprotected sex while fertile should I be worried? Or this month I just chalk it up as starting early? I have read things on online and I am super confused as to what could be happening

  83. Im 11 days late for my period. But experiencing alot of weakness upset stomach & ting. Today i see when i use the toliet & wipe i see a little light drown what could be the problem. I also took a pregnancy test at the doctor it said negative. Help please

  84. I had brown discharge a day before my periods and its lasted two days. I never had any pain accept was feeling a bit weird. from that day no periods or any up to date. My breasts are sentive to touch. Can i be pregnant

  85. Hi my bf and i had oral sex last 8/1 i masturbate him 1st and he cum , then he fingered me then on 8/3 i had brown discharge , my period supposed to be 8/4 but no bleeding , then 8/5 a discharge spotting , but on 8/6 no bleeding again til now . Please help me

  86. I had my period 30th July and today i saw like a pinkish, lightbrown discharge. Do i have to be worried, not sexually active for 9 years now and am 40 yeras old. Any advice?

  87. Im on birth control, I’ve been on this same birth control for several months. I’m sexually active, my boyfriend and I do not use condoms. My period came this month on time, but it’s been very light and I’ve been on my period now for almost two weeks, it’s dark and it comes and go. Could I be pregnant?

    • if you had pills every day without interruption and without missing, chances for pregnancy are about 1-2%; at the same time you should know that after long use of pills your hormones are changed and you can have brown discharge as a side effect – check in – //

  88. Last Thursday I noticed a small amount of brown discharge, Friday it became more and became less around Saturday and was gone by Sunday I usually have my period in the 20’s of the month or before. I’ve had irregular periods before should I be concerned ?

  89. Hi Dr, please help me. I was sexualy active during this month and when My period was 1 day late I went to amusement park and took all the thrilling rides. At night I got brown discharge and a day after very heavy bleeding with lots of blood clots and my pain more than usual. Could it be an early miscarriage ? I feel guilty for going to the park without checking pregnancy tests

    • both are equally possible – it could be very early miscarriage but it can be also intensive menstruation after extensive physical exercises

  90. Hello doctor. I had unprotected sex on 25th of july but took double dose of ECP next day. My last menstruation started on 10th july. But now its 14th today and there’s just dark reddish brown discharge but no blood. What can it be? Is it normal? Will I have periods or its a sign of pregnancy?

  91. Can your uterine wall shed if your pregnant. I’m four days late and have light brown when I woke and I can see the shedding.

  92. Can your uterine wall shed if your pregnant. I’m four days late and have light brown when I wipe and I can see the shedding.

  93. Hi doctor
    Had unprotected sex about 16 days ago and took ECP the very morning after. Experienced brown spotting about 8 days later and took three tests which all came up negative. Still experiencing spotting and supposed to have my period in 4 days time, also have pms, don’t understand why the spotting is still happening. Kindly advise

  94. I noticed yesterday that I had some brown discharge. This morning I noticed there was also some blood in with it, possibly a blood clot. I’ve been on the pill for almost 2 months now, I have been sexually active, and period is due in about 1 week. Iv’e been having side pains, but I’m not to sure if that’s due to my bowel problems, or something else. Also last month period was 2 days late, had some pinkish spotting before it, and when it came my sides hurt beyond what they usually do and had many blood clots. I can never determine if its pregnancy or something else due to the fact that I naturally have fatigue, loss of appetite, etc. Please, help me.

  95. Hi. Me and my boyfriend had unprotected sex last Aug. 4. He didnt come inside me but it still got me worried. so 2 days later I took emergency contraceptives. My period is due Aug 16. It’s Aug 18 and I havent had my period yet. Im really worried. Also, I noticed light brown discharge on my tissue after wiping today. Could it be that im pregnant? Please answer. I’m really really worried. 🙁

    • emergency contraceptive pills can change your menstrual cycle and could trigger brown discharge or bleeding; BUT it is always safer to exclude pregnancy by using basal temperature – see how in – //

  96. I had a light period July 21 and I’ve had sex since I think once it was unprotected I’m on birth control but when I worked I sometimes missed a pill but took it as soon as I remember and at the right time the next month I had light spotting a few days at the beginning of the month. I was suppose to start my period aug 17 but I’ve been having bad cramps and leg pain like my normal periods but I’ve only had some brown discharge and light bleeding like once

    • wrong use of pills and/or missed pills can change menstrual cycle/provoke spotting and can also be the reason for unexpected pregnancy

  97. I’ve been having dark brown spotting for 9 days and about 16 days before my period starts, i was really under stress when i first had this spotting. Please help

  98. I had three brown spots a week before I’m suppose to start in my underwear and nothing else, then next day only very light brown/ pink bleeding not even enough to wear a pad or anything and now when I wipe its brownish pink? What could this be?

  99. I was 8 days away from my next period when I started noticing brown discharge 2 days ago. This has never happened before. My period NEVER came before 30 days and I certainly never saw brown discharge in between my periods. This usually happens when I’m 2 days away from my period, which I found to be totally normal… It’s day 3 today and I STILL see brown/red discharge. I’m really worried. What is this? I had to Google it myself to see what it might be and “Cervical Cancer” popped up, as a result…. Is this a symptom of cancer?

    • Forget about cancer – sometimes women could have hormonal fluctuations because of stress, travel, over-work, etc.; if it happened only once, it is OK