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False positive pregnancy test causes

QUESTION – I have positive pregnancy test (not sure, not clear) but I don’t have any other pregnancy symptoms. What are reasons for falce pregnancy test? What are main false positive pregnancy test causes?

False positive pregnancy test causes – ANSWER from experts

In general, pregnancy tests are usually 97%-99% accurate when all instructions are followed correctly and the results are read on time.

Sometimes women could have false pregnancy test without knowing real reasons. It could be pretty stressful to have positive pregnancy test and after sometime to discover that it was false.

False positive pregnancy test

Main causes for false positive pregnancy test include the following:

  Soap or detergents are pretty common corrupting agent to the pregnancy test. Urine collection should be done carefully to avoid such exposure – don’t use soap or any detergents before making your pregnancy test;

  Missed test reaction time. For accuracy in home pregnancy tests it is essential that you read the test results in the stipulated reaction time;

  Frequently common reason for a false positive pregnancy test is when women are using hCG injections in order to assist in getting pregnant – it means that hCG levels may register even when a pregnancy does not exist;

  Some medications may cause a false positive pregnancy test (anti-convulsants, tranquilizers, certain diuretics);

  “Chemical Pregnancy” – the terminology “chemical pregnancy” is basically an early miscarriage;

Pregnancy test

  Evaporation Lines – while technically not a true pregnancy, some pregnancy tests leave a faint evaporation line as the urine crosses the test;

  As any product in the market, pregnancy tests also can have different kinds of quality, accuracy and expiration dates;

  Some tumors.

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