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Ferriman-Gallwey Score

The Ferriman-Gallwey score – scoring system (Ferriman DM, Gallwey JD.,1961) is used to score the degree of excess male pattern body hair (hirsutism) in women. The scorecard of every body location under survey begins from 0 (no excessive terminal hair growth) to 4 (extensive terminal hair growth) and the numbers are added up to a maximum count of 36. It is pretty easy evaluate the hirsutism with objective scores.

If you would like to check objectively the level and degree of the pathological hair growth (hirsutism) on your body, please use the following scoring system. Select the picture of hair grow (hirsutism) separately for each part of your body. For each line you should choose hirsutism description with score. Write hirsutism score of each line (lips, chin, breasts, abdomen, pubic area, hands, legs and back).

In total you should evaluate hirsutism in 9 parts of your body. The arithmetical sum of hirsutism in all evaluated parts will be your
Ferriman-Gallwey Score.

Ferriman–Gallwey score

According to your Ferriman-Gallwey Hirsute Score you can discover suggestions and recommendations.

Follow the table with scores, suggestions and recommendations:

Ferriman-Gallwey score
Suggestion Recommendation
1 – 9 Idiopathic hirsutism Medical examination is not recommended. Avoid sun and creams.
10 – 16 Transition period Evaluate during 3-6 months. If the growth will be noted – visit your doctor.
17 – 40 Hirsutism
(symptom of diseases)
It is strongly recommended to make hormonal tests and discover the main reason of hirsutism and treatment
41 – 44 Severe Hirsutism
Urgently visit your doctor. Some tumors could provoke severe hirsutism

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