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How to be sexy – TIPS

Millions of young girls want to be sexy and most women are trying to be sexy. Unfortunately it is not easy to be sexy. Some women work hard for becoming sexier and some women looks like being born sexy. In reality each woman has sexy seeds inside of body and deep in brain. But how to be sexy from outside and bring “sexy seeds” to the surface? Unfortunately there is no one formula for all women and it is not something that everyone can have and brag about.

It is important to highlight that answers to question “How to be sexy” could be very different depending on expectations, culture, physical indicators, social and financial status. Actually the answer could be highly subjective. there are many articles with hundreds of advises but you should choose only recommendations and tips which are matching your expectations and abilities.

How to be sexy

Here you can find most useful tips which is easy to implement.

More than anything – be yourself. Being sexy is about being confident and comfortable.

Try to be relaxed for real. Uncertainty and fear tends to have an aura. Don’t worry and enjoy yourself.

Smiling woman is always attractive. It is absolutely crucial for you to smile – it not only makes you look confident, but it makes you look more approachable. It puts people at ease, and will make you ultimately make you feel at ease.

Ignore your sizes. It doesn’t matter if you’re larger than most girls. You don’t have to look like everyone else to be beautiful.

Go out and show how to be sexy ! Recent research shows that introverts are more outgoing when they have a friend by their side than when they’re only with a stranger; in fact, they can become just as outgoing as extroverts that way! If you need help putting yourself out there, bring a friend along – and live it up!

How to be sexy

Don’t imitate others. If you like someone and they aren’t into your style, don’t try to imitate what they like. It will make you feel bad, and it won’t work for long. If he or she doesn’t like you for who you are then find someone else.

Your posture is very important for your appearance. Posture has a lot to do with being sexy as well. If you feel confident and walk tall, everyone else will think so too. Keep your shoulders back and walk with a bit of a strut.

Select your favorite perfume and use it regularly. Always smell good. Do not use heavy cheap scents. Invest in good perfume and go easy on it. Go for perfumes that smell natural. Don’t do the “spray in the air and walk through it” thing. This is a waste of expensive product.

Pheromones! – pheromones are women’s secret weapon – pheromone smell trigger men attention and excitement (just a biological reaction!)

Dancing woman can be very sexy – take dancing classes, visit disco parties and improve your body moving and toning activities.

Dab some clear lip gloss onto your eyelids for a sexy dewy look. Apply eyeliner to the outer corners of your eyelids, and on the bottom if you like it there (not too much, and just below your lash-line NOT on the inside rims), one coat of mascara, some blush or bronzer, and lip-gloss.

Don’t try to please a men – don’t be obsessed. Be yourself – beautiful, well taken care and confident. You can be happy alone but if you meet a good partner, let it be.

Drink plenty of water each day – it’ll help your skin, your diet, and help you feel great!

Cocoa or Shea butter is really good for normal to dry skin because it makes your body smooth and soft. Face masks and good moisturizers are also good. Take care of your skin. Pay special attention to daily skin care, routine skin care, anti wrinkle patches and anti wrinkle pillows.

Important to know that beauty attracts beauty, confidence attracts confidence and maturity attracts maturity. If you want a good catch, BE a good catch. If you concentrate on your own happiness, happy people will find their way to you.

Being very confident and having a high self esteem can help you to be more sexy.

Wear black! Nothing increases sex appeal like the color black. Just dab on some black eyeliner, eye shadow and/or kohl. Even using an eyelash curler and then mascara, or wearing simple black clothes works more than anything else but remember to not go overboard with it.

Red is also a sexy color. Go for some on your lips, on your nails and maybe in some clothing articles. It’s scientifically proven that the color red enhances your sex appeal, so use it to your advantage.

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