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Impending menstruation

The word “impending” means something will happen soon.
The word “menstruation” means a woman’s period.
So “impending menstruation” means someone is about to get their period.
Impending menstruation just means that your period is about to start.

Every month millions of girls and women are experiencing very special feelings called “Impending Menstruation” which include several symptoms typical for Premenstrual Syndrome (PMS). These symptoms can vary from one woman to another one (depending on women sensitivity, hormonal level and personal health status).

All symptoms for Impending Menstruation (Impending period) are well known. You just need to pay attention to all changes your body is making.

Mood Swings – impending menstruation

Women’s emotional status can be noticeably affected by an impending menstrual cycle. Female hormones play crucial role in mood swings – especially during pre-menstruation period. Since menstruation has lots to do with the hormones of the body, mood swings are predictable. Just before the start of period, girls and women could feel tense and could be irritable (even without any apparent reason). Sometimes young women cry and/or fell depressed on pre-menstruation days. In extreme cases, women may experience severe emotional disturbances.
Natural remedies for PMS can be effective for above mentioned symptoms.

Impending menstruation – appetite change

Appetite Changes – impending menstruation

Very often females feel dramatic appetite change during pre-menstruation period – this symptom is widely varies between women. Some women could experience a loss in appetite before the start of a period and others could experience food cravings. Either way, change in appetite is an indicator for beginning of menstrual cycle.
Some women are experiencing very specific food craving just before starting period.
Women could crave “comfort foods” – sweets or carbohydrates. It is important to mention that salt, sugar, alcohol and caffeine could worsen pre-menstrual symptoms.

Menstrual Cramps – impending menstruation

Menstrual cramps are very common for impending menstruation – especially among teenagers and young women. Menstrual cramps can range from mildly annoying to severely painful. Usually menstrual pain/cramps start 1-2 days before period and continue during first 1-2 days of the period. Sometimes the pain intensity may be so severe that their normal routine gets disturbed before and during menstruation.
Menstrual cramps could be accompanied with nausea and other forms of stomach upset.
Menstrual cramps medically called dysmenorrheal.

Breast Tenderness – impending menstruation

Slight swelling and increased sensitivity of breasts are some impending menstruation symptoms. Just like early pregnancy symptoms, the breasts may become fuller and sensitive to touch as the period date comes near. In addition to PMS breast tenderness, a few women complain of generalized pain in the breasts before their menstruation begins.

Increased Fatigue – impending menstruation

This symptom is more typical for women with intensive menstruation. Increased fatigue is a general symptom manifested during menstruation, particularly because of blood flow and other bodily changes. Nevertheless, some feel low stamina levels and weakness, even before the start of their periods. On the other hand, increased energy level and insomnia are observed in other women.

Changes in Energy Level – impending menstruation

Some women could feel change in energy level before menstruation-period. Insomnia can occur as energy levels rise at night. However, some women feel the opposite effect and become very fatigued during the time leading up to a period (see above). Active busy life, healthy lifestyle, moderate exercises, healthy diet and adequate water intake can help manage the normal energy level.

Water Retention & Bloating – impending menstruation

Water retention is a common symptom of impending menstruation and of the PMS. Some women feel bloated before and during menstruation/period. Many girls and women could have difficulty to fit into favorite jeans and jewelry shortly before period because during this period they can swell up, gain a little weight, and retain water. This feeling also tends to make you feel bloated. Surprisingly, drinking more water can actually cut down on this bloated feeling – drinking plenty of water and avoiding salty foods can keep the bloating down.

Acne – impending menstruation

It is well known that the main cause for acne eruption is hormonal change – in most cases it is a period before menstruation/period. Some girls and women always noted small pimples or acne pop up on face or bright red splotches all over the face just before period – this is a common example of hormone triggered acne outbreak. This symptom is quite annoying because there’s nothing like announcing your period to the world through big, juicy, red pimples all over your face.
Acne breakouts can occur at any age, although adult women may only notice these breakouts around the time of menstruation. Some women feel no physical or emotional symptoms of a period, yet predict menstruation by a change in skin condition. Although topical acne medication can help control the breakouts, hormones are mostly to blame for monthly skin complaints.

Stomach Upset – impending menstruation

Abdominal discomfort and stomach upset are notable symptoms of the Impending Menstruation and PMS (before period). During the days prior to a period, some women feel bloated and gassy. Constipation can occur in some women, while others may experience diarrhea or nausea.
Sometimes stomach problems can be accompanied with nausea and dizziness. In many cases, these symptoms are very disturbing, and some women develop the habit of using over-the-counter medications. Well balanced diet and active lifestyle may help to combat this monthly stomach upset.

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