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Implantation bleeding duration

Implantation bleeding duration – QUESTION

How to know if I have my regular period but a little bit short or I am having the implantation bleeding? What are differences? How long does implantation bleeding last? What is the average implantation bleeding duration?

Implantation bleeding duration – ANSWER from experts

Women health is pretty complicated especially during pregnancy. Any reddish vaginal discharge during pregnancy could be very stressful and women should know more about normal pregnancy development. But at the same time sometimes women could have unusual short and/or light periods which could be confused with implantation bleeding.

Implantation bleeding duration

First difference between normal regular period and implantation bleeding is duration of the bleeding.

Average duration of the period is 3-5 days but sometimes it could be 2-7 days. Period usually intensive during first 2-3 days.

The average implantation bleeding duration is only 1-2 days and it is never as intensive as during normal regular periods. In most cases implantation bleeding means just spotting (reddish or brownish).

Not all pregnant women could have implantation bleeding. Actually only 1/3 pregnant women are experiencing implantation bleeding.


If you have implantation bleeding, your pregnancy test will be positive and your basal temperature will be above 37. Just check pregnancy and pay special attention to all possible pregnancy symptoms.

REMEMBER – sometimes unusual bleeding during pregnancy could be a signal for possible miscarriage. Better visit your doctor and discuss all your problems.

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